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    Eileen Carr
    Love this ring, I wear it everyday. FULL REVIEW ON TIK TOK : EILEENGISELLEE

    Found Gogo lush on tiktok and I LOVE their products. I ordered 4 rings and 2 ankle bracelets.

    My review is on TIKTOK: Eileengisellee

    This ring is beautiful, I place it near my window so the gem can charge. Highly recommend these products!

    A Satisfied Custo
    Amazonite problem

    The ring is so so cute! Genuinely I love it, so well made, and overall a great addition to any ring collection. Quality in terms of not changing color is 10/10. I just have an issue because the crystal brings bad energy to my day, every time I wear it, my day goes completely wrong. I will forget things, drop things, trip and did I mention forget things?? But it’s so cute and i never want to take it off.

    Shanette Naylor
    My Soul Calmer

    This ring has been calming my soul, which is surprising because I could not find a piece of jewelry that can help calm me after a soul snatching day at work, but this ring here has been doing its job and then some.

    Bailey brazil

    the bracelet was super cute! my bf loved it, just wished the name was deeper engraved so it could be seen better.

    Brittani Ochoa
    I love it

    I love this right. I get compliments everyday because of it. Love the fact I don't have to worry about it losing its shine even though I wash my hands alot. I can't wait to buy mor

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