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5 Beautiful Designs Of Handmade Wire Necklaces

5 Beautiful Designs Of Handmade Wire Necklaces

Handmade wire necklaces are not only beautiful and unique, but they also give their owners a touch of personality and style. If you’re attracted to them, why not try making them yourselves? Making your own handmade jewelry is rewarding, attractive, and occasionally even profitable if you choose to sell them. Some DIY necklaces may appear quite difficult to make, but you’ll be surprised by how manageable some of them actually are. 

Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants

Small-sized buffed stones make stunning pendants. Although they are not as useful for designing as other materials, they nonetheless have a very delicate and lovely appearance when the wire is wrapped around them numerous times. 

Beaded Pendants

Having difficulties deciding on the type of design you want to create for your wire necklace? Why not make a variety of tiny pendants instead of deciding on just one? Coming up with designs might seem daunting at first, but you’ll naturally come up with a ton of ideas once you start making them. You might be surprised by how many wire pendants you can make in just an hour.

To make them, you’ll need various types of beads, craft pliers, and craft wire of 16, 18, or 22 gauge. Try looking for tutorials online if you’re unsure where to start and what kind of designs to try. 

Zen Spiral Pendant

Simply by winding the wire into a spiral, you can make an eye-catching and simple pendant that will go well with nearly any outfit. The Zen spiral pendant is really simple to make and is an excellent project for those new to jewelry making. It appeals in a primitive, rural way, and is great for both men and women. You can use many different metals and finishes to make them. 

Materials needed:

  • Round wire, 16 or 18 gauge. 10 inches long.
  • A knife sharpening stone, file, or cup burr to smooth off wire ends.
  • Wire cutters (use a heavy-duty cutter or a cheap one; avoid using your best cutters on this gauge of wire).
  • Round-nose pliers (unless they are made to handle that gauge, don’t use your best pliers on a 16-gauge wire).
  • Jewelry hammer (using a ball-peen hammer can give the spiral pendant a hammered texture).

Wire Heart Necklace

Although making a heart wire necklace may appear to be highly complex with all the different intersecting pieces, it’s actually not as hard as it seems. It is entirely up to your imagination to decide where the intersecting pieces go, so wrap them until you’re happy with the way they look. 

Ironwork Pendant

If you’re up for something that is more of a challenge, try making an ironwork pendant! Jewelry wire can be used to shape numerous spirals, and thinner wire can be used to attach them together. Finish it up by attaching beads in the same wrapping manner. Ironwork pendants can be made using glass beads, sterling silver wraps, and brass. 

Taking care of your handmade jewelry is important as they are unique in terms of design, length, and color. Make sure you keep your favorite ones in top shape so that you can wear them for the right occasion.
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