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    Everyone loves a great deal! So we've slashed prices 50% to 70% off while stock lasts! Don't miss your chance at these waterproof designs for a fraction of the price.
    Ornate Real Jade Pendant Necklace II Ornate Real Jade Pendant Necklace IIOn Sale
    $39.90 USD $69.90 USD
    Cross Chain Anklet Cross Chain AnkletOn Sale
    Cross Chain Anklet
    From $24.90 USD $74.90 USD
    Soft Blue Buddha Necklace Sold Out
    From $29.90 USD $79.90 USD
    Amethyst Heart Natural Stone Necklace Amethyst Heart Natural Stone NecklaceSold Out
    $29.90 USD $79.90 USD
    Diamond Dragon Necklace Diamond Dragon NecklaceSold Out
    $29.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Silver Icy Virgin Mary Necklace Silver Icy Virgin Mary NecklaceOn Sale
    From $29.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Pink Diamond Mary Necklace Pink Diamond Mary NecklaceSold Out
    From $29.90 USD $54.90 USD
    Mother of Pearl Zodiac Necklace Mother of Pearl Zodiac NecklaceOn Sale
    $24.90 USD $39.90 USD
    Golden Snake Necklace Golden Snake NecklaceSold Out
    From $24.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Pink Virgin Mary Necklace Set Pink Virgin Mary Necklace SetSold Out
    From $46.90 USD $94.90 USD
    Baguette Diamond Eye Bracelet Baguette Diamond Eye BraceletOn Sale
    $24.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Blue Crystal Sunburst Necklace Blue Crystal Sunburst NecklaceOn Sale
    $32.45 USD $64.90 USD
    Diamond Drop Necklace Diamond Drop NecklaceOn Sale
    $29.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Black Statement Ring Black Statement RingOn Sale
    $24.95 USD $49.90 USD
    Amethyst Heart Ring Amethyst Heart RingOn Sale
    Amethyst Heart Ring
    $29.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Holy Mary Initial Necklace Holy Mary Initial NecklaceSold Out
    $29.90 USD $69.90 USD
    Sparkling Eyes Smile Ring Sparkling Eyes Smile RingOn Sale
    $24.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Heart/Circle Personalized Keychain On Sale
    $19.90 USD $39.90 USD
    Golden Heart Necklace Golden Heart NecklaceOn Sale
    $24.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Golden Cupid Necklace Golden Cupid NecklaceSold Out
    $29.90 USD $64.90 USD
    Clear Buddha Necklace Clear Buddha NecklaceOn Sale
    $29.90 USD $79.90 USD
    Golden Amazonite Bracelet Golden Amazonite BraceletOn Sale
    $19.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Emerald Cross Necklace Emerald Cross NecklaceSold Out
    $28.90 USD $55.90 USD
    Cobra Coin Necklace Cobra Coin NecklaceOn Sale
    Cobra Coin Necklace
    $29.90 USD $64.90 USD
    Aquamarine Heart Ring Aquamarine Heart RingOn Sale
    $29.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Jade Diamond Cross Necklace Jade Diamond Cross NecklaceSold Out
    $29.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Mauve Buddha Necklace Mauve Buddha NecklaceOn Sale
    $29.90 USD $79.90 USD
    Gold Opal Crescent Moon Necklace Gold Opal Crescent Moon NecklaceSold Out
    $26.90 USD $54.90 USD
    Aquamarine Necklace Aquamarine NecklaceOn Sale
    From $44.90 USD $64.90 USD
    Marble Bar Necklace Marble Bar NecklaceSold Out
    Marble Bar Necklace
    $24.90 USD $54.90 USD
    Ruby Statement Heart Ring Ruby Statement Heart RingOn Sale
    $19.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Elephant Bead Bracelet Elephant Bead BraceletSold Out
    $19.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Dome Ring Dome RingOn Sale
    Dome Ring
    $19.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Sunburst Mary Necklace Sunburst Mary NecklaceOn Sale
    $29.90 USD $54.90 USD
    BREATHE Necklace BREATHE NecklaceSold Out
    BREATHE Necklace
    $24.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Mini Golden Elephant Necklace Mini Golden Elephant NecklaceSold Out
    $24.90 USD $69.90 USD
    Eye Satellite Bracelet Eye Satellite BraceletOn Sale
    $24.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Turquoise Diamond Bracelet Turquoise Diamond BraceletSold Out
    $24.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Gold Crescent Eye Sunburst Necklace Gold Crescent Eye Sunburst NecklaceOn Sale
    $32.90 USD $65.90 USD
    Green Gem Lava Bracelet Green Gem Lava BraceletOn Sale
    $19.90 USD $39.90 USD
    Personalized Waist Chain Personalized Waist ChainOn Sale
    From $35.00 USD $69.90 USD
    Abstract Ring Abstract RingSold Out
    Abstract Ring
    From $19.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Golden Mesh Ring Sold Out
    Golden Mesh Ring
    $14.90 USD $44.90 USD
    Golden Giraffe Necklace Golden Giraffe NecklaceSold Out
    $24.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Blessed Shoelace Accessory Blessed Shoelace AccessoryOn Sale
    From $9.90 USD $19.90 USD