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    Based on 2794 reviews
    Dragon Tablet Necklace
    jada monjaras

    Love it it’s so cute. Bigger than I expected, but got used to it very fast. I love it so much!!!

    So nice!!

    Such good quality and sits right in my collar bones!! It’s the perfect addition to make any outfit look great

    so obsessed i get so many compliments

    Genuine Green Jade Buddha Necklace


    Cute but not large more of a small to medium size

    Men's Personalized Bracelet (Gold or Silver)

    Good quality and fast shipping

    Ive had my jewelry for over 2 weeks now and is still in good condition 100% would recommend

    Very cute!

    This necklace is a great layering piece or by itself. I like to wear it almost like a choker and I think it is very pretty. It has also not tarnished and when I was wearing it constantly I was showering with it/sleeping with it and wearing it at the gym and it looks the same:)

    Gold Birthstone Bracelet
    Angelica Wright

    Gold Birthstone Bracelet

    Also Amazing Quality

    first i’m not wearing it no more cuz it was for my bf but i broke it off w him ;(. second the length for me is too small since i’m on the bigger side, it barely fit. even tho it came w/an extender it still didn’t 😮‍💨 but i was still able to put it on. it fit comfortably, it was perfect within the time i had it on. i never took it off. it stayed the same. nothing happened. so i say BUY IT. (next time i will go for another one but that is longer maybe a 10inch + an extender)

    Amazing Quality🥰

    I sadly am not wearing this couple’s necklace anymore cuz i broke up w my bf BUT i really loved wearing it especially in the shower. it didn’t change colors or none of that.

    Capital Letter Name Necklace

    Cute Everyday Piece

    So far I have purchased two necklaces and one ring. The quality is amazing and I have already gotten so many compliments! It also feels great knowing I am supporting a Black Owned Business. I will definitely be purchasing again!

    Thin Chain Ring (size 5-13)

    Golden Knot Ring
    Love this ring!

    This is a beautiful ring and my favorite that I have purchased. It has not tarnished after a month of wear through washing hands and working out.

    I love it!!

    I’m a simple girl who also loves simple things, this band really helped!

    Great Earrings

    These are beautiful earrings however the posts are a little thick and hurt my lobes after extended wear.

    Loved the neclace with my name on it!

    I had a similar necklace when I was younger. Wanted for years to buy another one, but was afraid of the quality. I love the necklace done by Gogo Lush! I wear it constantly! The delivery was pretty fast, and I live in the Caribbean. Blessings!

    Handmade Script Butterfly Necklace
    Tatiana Rodrigues-nicolas
    Sooo worth it!

    I have worn this necklace everyday for the past 7 months, been thru the pool, beach, and shower and never lost its color never had to deal with any green neck nothing. I’m sad to say that today the chain broke but by far the best necklace i own and will be buying a new one soo. Also the purple stone from my butterfly fell out i awoke one day and jt was gone but i still wore it 🤣

    Carnelian Band Ring
    melanie cleitt
    In Love 😍

    Loves it it’s one of my favorite rings.

    Dainty Link Bracelet
    Brianna McCall
    Dainty Link Bracelet

    Perfect size just the right amount of dainty

    Gold Cuban Link Anklet
    Gillian Martin

    Gold Cuban Link Anklet

    I bought this for my boyfriend for our anniversary and he loved it, the quality was very good.

    She loved it.

    I got my girl a necklace and ankle bracelet. My girl loved it she wears it most days. The color haven’t changed at all either great products.