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Welcome to Gogo Lush! My name is Cici, and I’m the founder and designer. Gogo Lush was started in 2011 for one main reason - to seek success as a young black woman in America. I had joined corporate America at the age of 22 but quickly realized the ones who thrived in this environment looked nothing like me; they weren't my gender nor my skin color. So, I had to take my career into my own hands because everyone deserves success, regardless of your gender or ethnicity. This brought me to launching Gogo Lush... to give me the opportunity to do just that. Jewelry has been a passion of mine since the age of 6, so when I decided to become an entrepreneur there was no question in my mind about what kind of business. I knew I wanted to make jewelry and had dreamt of having my designs on women and men all over the world. 

Today, Gogo Lush is a boutique with an online shop that features handmade jewelry of the highest quality. Every piece you purchase has been carefully designed and crafted to keep up with the latest trends in today’s fast-paced world of fashion. If you are looking for unique pieces of jewelry to gift, you will be pleased to find that an assortment of our jewelry can be handmade to order, allowing us to pay attention to every detail. This ensures that you are able to request the necessary alterations so that your jewelry is customized perfectly for you. Whether you require an extra small size or one in a larger size, we would love to accommodate you. This is why we are able to guarantee that each order is made with love and care!

Not only will you look great, but we want you to feel great too. And it feels great to give! As a monthly contributor to St. Jude Children's Hospital since 2013 and counting, we help save the lives of children in need every day. With every purchase you can feel great knowing that you are making a difference!