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7 Waterproof Necklaces To Shop This Summer

7 Waterproof Necklaces To Shop This Summer

Summer is the season of sunshine, fun, and plenty of outdoor activities. As you refresh your wardrobe to prepare for the hotter days, don’t forget to get some new jewelry. Waterproof necklaces make a great addition to your accessory collection as you can safely wear them while taking a swim to cool yourself down. They are also great for showing off your personality as you sashay down the sandy beach. Without further ado, we present some of our favorite waterproof necklaces that will make a statement no matter the occasion!

Opal Drop & Elephant Necklace Sets

This beautifully handcrafted piece features an elephant pointing its trunk upwards. It’s said that this symbol will bring kindness, prosperity, luck, and energy to the wearer. The elephant raises its trunk when greeting new friends and it is seen as a way of expressing happiness. What better way to start your summer with some positive vibes than this necklace?

Furthermore, opal is believed to aid in the stimulation of creativity and originality. So if you’re into the arts, then there’s more reason to get this necklace!

Classic Chain Necklace

A classic gold cable chain necklace never goes out of style! Made with ​​stainless steel dipped in real 18k gold, you can safely wear it whether you are swimming in your pool or hanging out at a beach party. Match it with a dark top to accentuate the necklace or layer it with other pieces in your collection for a more sophisticated style.

Diamond Letter Name Anklet

This brilliant necklace is an excellent accessory for summer. Shake up your usual style with this piece which features cubic zirconia crystals that reflect light in a beautiful manner. It’s suitable for a crazy night at the club or a quiet dinner with your special someone.

Diamond Butterfly Effect Necklace

Warning: you might get compliments for wearing this necklace! Available in a soft gold color, this delicate piece will add some sparkles to your look. Wear it to work or to a weekend vacation with friends. It will become a topic of discussion among your peers!

Snake Natural Stone Crystal Ball Necklaces

A symbol of creative life force, fertility, healing, good luck, protection, and more, this snake-inspired stone crystal ball necklace is the perfect piece to add to your ensemble. Depending on your preferences, our natural stone options include opal, carnelian, rose quartz, green jade, sodalite, and onyx. Pair it with other accessories or wear it solo to create the style you want.

Rectangle Initial Mini Birthstone Necklace

For someone low-profile yet glamorous, we suggest getting a mini birthstone necklace with your initials. Put on a plain top and you’re ready to shine wherever you go. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin!

Handmade Wire Wrapped Opal Heart Necklace

This handmade necklace is great for minimalists. Opal is believed to enhance your self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. So put it on to attract some positivity and understand your full potential!

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