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Guide To Choosing A Personalized Name Necklace

Guide To Choosing A Personalized Name Necklace

Suppose you are searching for an ideal gift for your life partner to note their most original traits. A Name Necklace remains a perfect pick. This review helps you refine your selections in choosing the name jewelry for customization.

Choose Your Name

This might surprise you. Our assigned names. Some nicknames. Pick the title you genuinely identify with.

  • Ideas for picking the name for name necklaces:
  • Your favorite word
  • Your nickname
  • Your spouse or life partner’s name
  • Your name
  • Your kid’s name.

Choose Your Font

We provide a range of diverse fonts, as we know that all have distinct preferences. From basic or simplified to complex and nuanced, we have products that will honor all names.

If you seek products classified slightly more towards a fundamental tone, try opting for Confidence fonts. Our Dynamic font holds a slight sense of italicized aura when staying formal and classy for many who seek products with just a tad more flourish.

What do distinct font styles signify?

Confidence Font - For a chic and neat appearance.  Designated for private use.

Brilliant Font - For the millennial youth. Set for kids, teens, or those who live life to the fullest.

Dynamic Font - For a feminine aura. Set for females of any age.

Dashing Font - For the female who has everything in control.  Designed as a present to friends, aunts, mothers, and sisters.

Charming Font - For the working professional.  Designated for the tertiary graduate/beginning professional.

Choose Your Metal

You may pick from a 24k gold plated over sterling silver name necklace and sterling silver name necklace. Our sterling silver name necklaces were forged from 925 sterling silver, while the silver holds anti-tarnish quality. This increases the luster or durability of the name jewelry.

Metal Options Accessible:

Silver – Ideal for daily wear.

Gold - Ideal for gifting others.

What Size Will My Custom Name Necklace Be?

Many personalized named necklaces range between about 1-½” wide to ½” tall. This might vary according to the length of the inscribed name or font selection.

Name Necklaces Size Guide:

Lower than 1-½” width - Suited for many who live active lifestyles or for kids.  A shorter width may get more fittingly sized for many, with a faster frame inclusive of a kid, or a more straightforward pendant may become less probable to stand to restrain action for many who are very active.

1-½” wide – Suitable for many adults.  The standard width of 1-½” looks good on all or remains a good fit for many adults.  It exhibits the name with no excessive display or swagger and pomp.

More than 1-½” wide - Suitable for many who seek luxurious or flashy jewelry.  The more giant width crafts a name necklace that is luxurious and classy, a good gift concept for many that desire things larger than life.

Types Of Name Necklaces Include

Signature font name necklaces. Such name necklaces exhibit the chosen name and remain linked on every end of the pendant with paths to the necklace. Signature font style name necklaces work well for those seeking a one-piece design.

Bar style name necklaces. The composition opens outward, while the bar-style necklaces fit the structure, which forms one piece. Name Necklaces are available in various styles, colors, and techniques. We are here to help you choose the necklace that appeals to you the most. 

A Name Necklace remains perfect. It is available in a variety of different styles with different variations in metals, colors, and designs. Our Dynamic font holds a slight sense of italicized aura when staying formal and classy for many.

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