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How To Rock Your Office Look With Jewelry

How To Rock Your Office Look With Jewelry

Want to look fashionable and stylish while in the office but afraid that it will hinder your work progress? There are many ways you can style your jewelry without making it an inconvenience! Here is a guide on how to rock your office look with jewelry!

Stud Earrings

Consider wearing stud earrings or small hoops, as they allow you to take phone conversations comfortably. Consider investing in a pair of stunning rose gold stud earrings with solid stones in a sweet overlapping design to add some flair when you choose a peach-colored shirt and matching pencil skirt. Any outfit will benefit from a much-needed injection of glitz added by stud earrings with a single white stone. To finish your style, pair it with a complementary clutch.

Dangle Earrings

Small inched-dangler earrings are ideal for wearing to work because they give off a simple yet attractive appearance. This charming pair of jewelry is perfect for your dresses. Most small dangle earrings are lightweight so you won't even notice that they are on your ears. Finish off your look with high ponytails and your favorite pumps!

Hidden Bail Pendant

Instead of opting for large neckpieces, choose a delicate chain or diamond necklace that is more suitable for a business situation. By selecting such timeless accessories, the ensemble gains elegance without attracting much attention. For a polished appearance, pair these stunning diamond pendants with a formal shirt and jeans or a pencil skirt. Make sure your pendant and chain are irresistibly alluring so you can feel confident in your wardrobe.

Pendant with Bail

A lovely and understated pendant in a gold tone is perfect for wearing as office jewelry. Every woman's inner boss will come out when she chooses gold-plated accessories. Due to their minimalist and artistic design, these statement pendants shine at your place of business without ever being considered bling. The distinctive and delicately gold-tuned patterns will not draw much attention from your coworkers.

Chain Bracelet

You may find it challenging to type at work while wearing heavy, bulky bracelets that restrict your hand movements. Your hand motions are crucial to a confident presentation and a productive seminar. Therefore, it is best to avoid wearing a bracelet with tinkling bells because it causes a lot of disruption for both you and your coworkers. Choose a stylish and elegant bracelet to gather people's attention. The majority of people are reluctant to wear jewelry designed for business settings because of the upkeep required and the risk of losing them at work. A lobster clasp protects this finely crafted diamond bracelet, preventing you from worrying about your pricey jewelry.

Enhance Your Work Outfit with Gogo Lush

Each item of jewelry in the Gogo Lush line has been thoughtfully created and incorporated to mirror the newest fashion industry trends. We are confident that you will only receive the highest quality jewelry as all our products are meticulously created by hand.  You may find just about anything here, including rings, earrings, and even anklets. To find out more, contact us!

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