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Jewelry That Makes A Perfect Gift For Your Bridesmaids

Jewelry That Makes A Perfect Gift For Your Bridesmaids

Looking for the perfect gift for bridesmaids? Well, look no further than jewelry. Gifting jewelry is not a novel idea, but it sure is a good one that has lasted for generations. This can be attributed to a number of reasons. Good quality jewelry has the potential to be heirloom or investment-worthy pieces that are long-lasting and can even be passed down the generations. Add on the fact that jewelry is beautiful to look at and carries sentimental value, it is a practical yet memorable gift that can never go out of style. Considering that your wedding should be the most important event of your life, it’s only right that you would want to preserve the happy memories for your bridesmaids. There are many jewelry pieces out there, so we have curated a list of the best styles.

Knot Ring

Knotted rings are a timeless design that have been around forever, and after learning its meaning, it should come as no surprise. Since a knot ring is a loop that does not end, it represents everlasting loyalty, love, faith, friendship, and devotion. The rings essentially symbolize how life and eternity are intertwined. If you’d like to show your appreciation to your bridesmaids and keep them in your life for years to come, this is the design to go with.

Birthstone Necklace

Do you know that some gemstones represent a specific birth month? For example, aquamarine is for March, ruby is for July, and blue topaz is for December. You can search for the gemstone and its correlating birth month online. If you’re aware of your bridesmaid’s birthday, gifting a birthstone necklace can never go wrong as it is personalized to each wearer.

Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Regarded as one of the most popular cuts in the market, heart-shaped jewelry pieces will never go out of trend and are a staple in the closet. Whether it’s rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, you can select various heart-shaped jewelry pieces for all your bridesmaids if you’d like an assortment of designs.

Personalized Jewelry

As you have already known, personalized gifts are by far one of the most unique and unforgettable ways you can surprise a loved one. Since personalized jewelry shows that you’re close to the recipient and understand her preferences, they are a great way to signify a close relationship and connection. As such, gifting personalized jewelry is highly recommended.

Hoop Earrings

Don’t know which particular jewelry piece to go with after looking through all the options? In this case, go with hoop earrings, which are basically a must-have in the closet. Hoop earrings can be paired with any outfit or style and are extremely classic pieces. Here at Gogo Lush, we offer twisted hoop earrings in gold and silver, letter hoop earrings, thick hoop earrings, and even opal hoop earrings.

Natural Jade Jewelry

Jade is regarded as one of the most prized and treasured stones in China, and for good reasons. Jade is normally associated with spirituality, especially feng shui, due to its power of giving good health, fortune, and strength to the wearer. In Chinese tradition, jade also represents the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, courage, compassion, justice, and modesty.

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