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Jewelry Trends Forecast 2023- What's Next

Jewelry Trends Forecast 2023- What's Next

As the world changes, so do our favorite things. Jewelry is no different. If you've been around long enough, you may have seen some of these trends before—you know, when they were popular in 2018 or 2014 or whenever! But this time around, they're back with a vengeance and ready to stay.

The return of the natural

Natural materials are back in fashion. Natural materials such as wood and stone have been used for centuries in jewelry, but were mostly abandoned in favor of synthetic materials like plastic, acrylic or metal. Nowadays, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in using natural materials for jewelry - especially due to their sustainability and health benefits.

Natural materials can be more sustainable than synthetic ones because they don't require energy-intensive processes like refining petroleum or mining precious metals; they also don't pollute the environment as much as man-made products do (for example when it comes down to hazardous waste). In addition to being better for our planet's future generations; wearing natural jewelry has additional benefits such as being hypoallergenic - which makes them ideal if you have sensitive skin or allergies caused by certain metals like nickel which is commonly found in stainless steel rings. At Gogo Lush, we made sure our materials are suited in different conditions. 

Crystals reign supreme

Crystals are a popular choice for jewelry, and they're likely to continue as such in the future. Crystals can be used to represent your personality or interests. Your favorite color can be represented with a crystal necklace or bracelet, or you could choose a stone that represents your zodiac sign. Our Birthstone Choker will bring both the crystal and choker trend together to your look. 

Crystals are also beautiful and sparkly--and who doesn't want that?

More personalization

  • More customization options. Customization is all about getting the perfect fit, so it's no surprise that jewelry designers are finding ways to make their designs more adjustable and adaptable.
  • Personalized jewelry. The idea of wearing a piece of art on your body is becoming more popular, especially as 3D printing technology becomes more accessible to consumers at home and in stores like Walmart (where you can print objects such as phone cases).
  • Customized jewelry. As people look for custom options in other products--like clothing and even food--they'll start asking for customized pieces too! Start with our Custom Coin Bracelet to start customizing your jewelry collection. 

New metals to play around with

As technology advances and new materials are developed, the jewelry industry is able to create pieces that previously weren't possible. The following metals have been used in jewelry for years: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You can give the Men's Steel Letter Necklace  to your man in your life as a good start to more silver jewelry.

Jewelry trends are going to keep changing.

Jewelry has always been a way to express yourself. Whether it's your favorite color or a symbol that holds meaning for you, jewelry can be an important part of who you are. With the constant change in trends and styles, jewelry isn't just something that changes with the seasons--it's also something that evolves over time as we grow and learn more about ourselves.

Jewelry often serves as a good investment for yourself or others because it retains its value over time, but also becomes more valuable as it ages beautifully in both appearance and quality (unless you drop it). Jewelry makes great gifts because everyone loves getting new pieces!

So, what can we expect from jewelry in the future? The return of the natural, crystals and metals. But there will also be new materials to play around with and personalization will continue to grow stronger as people seek more meaning in their accessories.

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