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Most Common Jewelry Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

Most Common Jewelry Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

It is expected for those who are not aware of proper ways to care for their jewelry to be making some very common jewelry mistakes. These mistakes can easily cause jewelry to deteriorate prematurely and can even be the source of tarnish. If you are looking for ways to save your jewelry, here are some mistakes that you need to stop doing with your jewelry.

Not Understanding the Materials

You need to always be aware of what the jewelry that you are shopping for is made of. If there are no precise specifications, the pieces are most likely to be made of gold, silver, or rose gold as well as other precious metals. You can always clarify with the seller before making any purchase, especially for items that are more expensive. From the exterior alone, you may not be able to tell if the jewelry is made of just gold or silver as most pieces are mixed with other precious metals, especially if they are inexpensive. Base metal jewelry like nickel or brass can turn your skin green or black when worn over time or even cause allergic reactions.

Wearing the Same Jewelry Daily

When you wear the same jewelry pieces every day, they may start to gather chemicals and other contaminants in places that are not immediately visible. This may cause you to suffer from infections and in turn cause you pain. It is recommended to remove your daily jewelry on a regular basis and clean them with a bristled brush and some warm soapy water to clean the nooks and crannies.

Not Creatively Accessorizing

As the seasons change, experiment with your jewelry pieces to match the different outfits you have. You can mix them up for work and leisure and be creative during each occasion. Jewelry pieces can extend your wardrobe further so stretch them to enjoy great versatility for many years to get the full worth of your investment.

Not Cleaning Jewelry

Most people do not clean their jewelry pieces at all whereas some may do it but not just as frequently as they need to. Over time, jewelry will have general grime and tarnish building up on their nooks and crannies which can be noticeable by others. Schedule at least one jewelry cleaning day every 6 months to get rid of grime and tarnish. Learn about the proper ways to clean your jewelry as every piece differs in terms of its care techniques.

Using Improper Cleaning Methods

As we have mentioned, proper jewelry care techniques need to be employed to ensure your jewelry remains in optimal condition. Not all cleaning methods are created equal and using the wrong methods can damage your jewelry. For silver or gold, it is actually not advisable to use toothpaste as it can be abrasive and scratch your pieces. Baking soda is also equally unsuitable, especially for solid gold jewelry. The top layer of gold may be removed and your jewelry will be impossible to repair. Learn the different care techniques for the exact precious metal that your jewelry is made of so as to clean it accordingly.

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