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Pro Tips For Determining Your Ring Size

Pro Tips For Determining Your Ring Size

Purchasing a ring for yourself or a loved one is already a challenging task to take on. You will face even more pressure if you are not sure of the correct ring size. Before heading out to shop for a ring, make sure that you are already aware of the ring size that you are looking for to save time. You need to take into account various factors when measuring the ring size to ensure that you get the right measurement. Here are some tips to consider when determining your ring size.

Factors to Consider to Measure a Correct Ring Size

  • Fluctuating Size: Your ring size fluctuates depending on the time of the day that you measure it. The weather may also affect your measurement so always measure your finger when it is the largest. Fingers are smaller in the morning so it is recommended to measure your finger in the late afternoon or towards the end of the day. When you feel cold, your fingers can shrink, thus do not measure your finger when your body temperature is much colder. In the heat, our fingers swell, so will they when we are pregnant or have just undergone an athletic workout session.
  • Right or Left: The ring size on our right and left fingers also differ. Do not assume that they will both be the same. Always figure out which finger you will be wearing your ring on so you can get the right measurement.
  • Comfortable Fit: The right ring size is one that allows your ring to fit comfortably over your knuckle. It should not be too loose that it can easily slide off. The ring should also not be too tight that you have to put in so much effort just to take it off.
  • Wider Bands: Band rings that are wider will have a tighter fit as compared to narrower bands.

Finding Your Ring Size

You can easily find your ring size right at home. Here is a series of steps that you can try when measuring your ring size on your own:

Using a Piece of Paper or String

  • Tape one end of the paper to your knuckle then wind the paper around your finger. For a tailor’s tape, use a marker to mark your starting point. Allow enough room so that the tape can pass over your knuckles.
  • Mark the other end of the paper or tape where it meets the point where the paper overlaps and forms a full circle.
  • Make use of a ruler to measure the length of the strip of paper or tape from the starting point to the other end where you have made a marking. In short, measure the whole length of the paper or tape that forms a ring or when the overlapped area winds around your finger.
  • You can tape the two ends together to form a paper ring and try putting it on your finger to see if it provides a comfortable fit. If it does not slide off too easily or is too hard to remove, then it is the perfect measurement.
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