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Things To Consider When Choosing Jewelry

Things To Consider When Choosing Jewelry

Jewelry is extremely diverse. It's an area of fashion that seems to play by its own rules and often we can get lost trying to understand this niche world of accessorizing.  The search to find good quality jewelry that looks amazing on you can be a challenging process that is filled with trials and tribulations. Whether it's buying jewelry to commemorate a special occasion or just something spontaneous, below is a list of tips to consider when choosing jewelry.

Understand Your Jewelry Needs

Before you begin your jewelry hunting journey, it is paramount to make sure you understand what your jewelry needs are. Whether you are looking for an item for a one-time event or if you are looking for something that has longevity. Seasonal looks are great for keeping up with trends; however, they may end up collecting dust in your jewelry box once they go out of style. Timeless pieces, though more expensive, may end up giving you more bang for your buck as they would last a much longer time and would not go out of style. Pieces like diamond studs, pearls, tennis bracelets, and rings are your best friends and will stick with you till the end.

Match Your Jewelry with Your Wardrobe

Now that you have determined the type of jewelry you are after, it's time to take a good look at your closet. If your style is more casual and you rarely dress up, investing in diamonds or precious stones may not be worth it as you may not have any occasion to wear them. Instead, go for simple necklaces or bracelets that can be worn with anything. If you often get dressed up for work or events, then diamonds, hoops, and statement necklaces could be something worth investing in. Besides styles, the age-old debate of gold versus silver is something to also consider when taking your wardrobe into account. Gold goes well with neutral colors and jewel tones while silver looks better with louder colors and patterns.

Jewel-tones and Undertones

Buying jewelry is no different from buying clothes or makeup, some colors look great on us, and others don’t. The determining factor is your undertone. Warm undertones look great wearing rose and yellow gold jewelry. Other warm gemstones like red, blue, green, pink, and orange look best on you. Cool undertones wear silver and white gold best, with gemstones that are blue, purple, green, or any other cooler-toned colors. Neutral undertones have it best as any metal and color looks great on you!  

Budget, Budget, Budget

Now that you have determined the piece you are after, it's time to budget! If you have settled on getting a timeless piece from a reputable jeweler, it could be wise to start setting aside some money every month. Even if you have a limited budget but still have your eyes set on something sparkly, there are tons of reputable and affordable jewelry stores that offer long-lasting jewelry for a fraction of the cost.

Accessorizing is a fun way to showcase your personality. With so many ways to do so, it’s a lot more freeing than dressing up. But with it comes a lot of things to consider as well. Now with everything in mind, you are equipped to choose the right jewelry for yourself or someone else.

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