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Things You Didn't Know About Buddha Necklaces

Things You Didn't Know About Buddha Necklaces

It's impossible to walk down the street these days and not see someone wearing a Buddha necklace. But what is a Buddha necklace, exactly? And how does it differ from other pendant necklaces? Before we get into all that, let’s start by talking about where this trend came from.

The Buddha Necklace Trend Has Been Going Strong For Decades

Buddha necklaces are a trend that's been going strong for decades. The Buddha necklace trend started in the 1970s, and it's still going strong today. It has become so popular that it's not just for women anymore: men are wearing them too!

There Are Three Different Types Of Buddha Necklaces

There are three different types of Buddha necklaces:

  • The traditional Buddha necklace, which features a large gold or silver pendant. This style was popularized in the 1960s and 1970s and is still worn today by people who want to show their love for Buddhism.
  • The modern Buddha necklace, which features smaller beads made of precious metals like silver or gold. These beads can be strung together in various ways (like a chain) or layered on top of each other so they hang down from your neck like a choker collar.
  • The minimalist Buddha necklace, which involves no beads at all! Instead, you'll find an image of Buddha himself printed onto an adhesive sticker that adheres directly to your skin--no need for any kind of clasping mechanism here! Our brand carries a variety of minimalistic Buddha necklaces such as our Genuine Green Jade Buddha Necklace

Where Did The Buddha Necklace Get Its Name From?

The Buddha necklace, also known as a Buddha pendant or charm, is named after the statue of Buddha. The symbol on the Buddha necklace is meant to represent peace and tranquility. It's easy to see why this would be a popular religious symbol with people who want to express their faith in Buddhism or Hinduism (the religion that encompasses most of Asia).

The name "Buddha" comes from Siddhartha Gautama (also known as Shakyamuni) who lived between 563 BCE and 483 BCE. He was an Indian prince who renounced his wealth and possessions at age 29 because he wanted more than anything else peace for himself and others around him - hence why many people wear these necklaces today!

Who Is The Buddha?

The Buddha was a spiritual teacher and philosopher. He was born in northern India, around the 5th century B.C., and he lived until his death at age 80. The Buddha was not a god, but rather a human being who attained enlightenment (or "enlightenment").

What Does The Buddha Represent?

The Buddha represents compassion, wisdom, happiness, and inner peace. The Buddha represents enlightenment and the end of suffering. He taught us how to find this path through his Eightfold Path which consists of the right views (understanding), right thoughts (intentions), right speech (communication), right action (behaviors), right livelihood (career choices), right effort in meditation practice; joyous perseverance - being mindful of your activities; concentration - staying focused on one thing at a time; meditation/contemplation - focusing on something meaningful such as loving-kindness or compassion for others who are suffering; insight into truth about ourselves and our world so we can live according to universal laws rather than false beliefs about ourselves--that is called wisdom!

The Different Styles Of Buddha Necklaces

Buddha necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important to know how to wear a Buddha necklace with different outfits and accessories. For example, if you have long hair and are wearing a Buddha necklace as an accessory for your outfit, then you should keep this in mind when choosing your hairstyle.

If you're looking for an easy way to incorporate more of these beautiful pieces into your wardrobe (and life), here are some suggestions:

How To Wear Your Buddha Necklace

Buddha necklaces are versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn with just about anything. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Wear your Buddha necklace with a tank top, a t-shirt, or a dress. It makes an excellent accent piece with any casual outfit! Our lady customers love the Woman Jade Buddha Necklace which has a few diamonds to add sparkle to your common clothing. 
  • Wear it with jeans, shorts, and skirts in the summertime. This is especially great if you want something unique that stands out from other people's gold chains or silver pendants (or whatever they're wearing).
  • Wear it with sneakers or boots during colder months when there's snow on the ground outside--they'll make your outfit look more put together than other types of footwear would because they aren't as casual as sandals or flip-flops would be! Plus having this accessory around means never having to worry about losing any valuable items since everything is tucked away safely inside one central location: namely between two strands connected by metal links that serve as anchors keeping everything perfectly aligned despite being under constant stress due to its weight being distributed evenly across each side."

You can wear your Buddha necklace with so many different things!

You can wear your Buddha necklace with so many different things! Match with your significant other with our His & Hers Buddha Necklace Set  especially to connect with them on a deeper level. 

It's not just for formal or casual outfits, but also dressy clothes. You can wear a Buddha necklace with a dress, or even a shirt and jeans. Either way, it will look great!

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the history and meaning behind the Buddha Necklace trend. We think it's so cool that something as simple as a necklace can have such deep roots in our culture, and we're proud to be a part of it!

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