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Why Cubic Zirconia Is a Good Material for Necklaces

Why Cubic Zirconia Is a Good Material for Necklaces

Any jewelry store you visit is likely to have a lot of items with stones that at first look appear to be diamonds. The material you are seeing is cubic zirconia. In the past fifty years, this stone has gained a lot of popularity. It resembles a diamond in appearance but costs a lot less. So, you may be asking yourself, "Is cubic zirconia good?" Will it meet the criteria I have for jewelry quality? Although many people appreciate diamonds, and they are often seen to be ageless, cubic zirconia is a strong competitor. Compared to diamonds, this gemstone is far cheaper and of exceptional quality. Before purchasing a piece for yourself, consider the following information about cubic zirconia.

Often referred to as CZ, cubic zirconia is a popular lab-created gemstone. It is zirconium dioxide in crystal form. It may be produced in a variety of colors and is typically firm and clear. The most popular application for cubic zirconia is as a diamond substitute due to its appearance, feel, and cost.

The gem was first created to be used in lasers. In 1973, Russian scientists refined the process for making it, which led to an increase in demand around the globe. Since then, it has become the diamond industry's main rival. Currently, 12 tons of cubic zirconia are made annually. It is available in quality levels, ranging from A (the lowest quality) through AAAAA (the highest quality). Some of the reasons why it is a good material for necklaces include:

They Are Comparable to Diamonds

Many individuals started choosing lab-grown stones over diamonds once the public learned about the appalling working conditions in diamond mines. Diamonds were also revealed to be far less scarce than their excellent marketing had suggested. Many people concluded that buying inexpensive diamonds was not worth the high price. Diamonds still have their appeal, whether legitimate or not. However, if you are not interested in a diamond, you could choose a cubic zirconia necklace. When properly made and set, these gems are incomparable to diamonds in terms of appearance, particularly the smaller ones. One cannot understate the use of high-quality zirconia and skill/experience to achieve this aesthetic.

They Are More Affordable

The main reason most people would choose cubic zirconium over a diamond necklace is the price. A high-quality piece of zirconium would cost around $20, whereas a similarly sized diamond would cost around $1,500. However, it would take a professional using sophisticated equipment to tell the difference between them.

They Are Not Associated with Inhumane Activity

When getting any jewelry made of diamonds, one has to always look out for diamonds that are mined under humane conditions. These form the minority of real diamonds out there. You would need to buy your jewelry from a highly rated store to be assured of the above. When working with cubic zirconia, this is not a concern. Since they are made artificially, zirconia is not associated with issues such as war, child labor, or indentured servitude.
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