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    Women's Necklaces: Name Necklaces, Initial Necklaces, Trendy Necklaces

    Our necklace collection offers an array of designs ranging from minimalistic to statement necklaces. They are handmade and can be customized with personalized lengths.
    Topaz Cuban Necklace Topaz Cuban NecklaceOn Sale
    From $39.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Golden Leaf Necklace Golden Leaf NecklaceOn Sale
    $19.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Gold Rope Chain Necklace Gold Rope Chain NecklaceOn Sale
    From $29.90 USD $39.90 USD
    Golden Ankh Necklace Golden Ankh NecklaceOn Sale
    From $39.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Golden Angel Necklace Golden Angel NecklaceOn Sale
    From $39.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Silver Pink Buddha Necklace Silver Pink Buddha NecklaceOn Sale
    $39.90 USD $79.90 USD
    925 Silver Diamond Heart Necklace 925 Silver Diamond Heart NecklaceSold Out
    $30.45 USD $60.90 USD
    Silver Rope Chain Necklace Silver Rope Chain NecklaceOn Sale
    From $29.90 USD $39.90 USD
    Cross Diamond Tennis Necklace Cross Diamond Tennis NecklaceOn Sale
    $59.90 USD $89.90 USD
    Diamond Ankh Necklace Diamond Ankh NecklaceOn Sale
    $49.90 USD $59.90 USD
    Carnelian Disc Necklace Carnelian Disc NecklaceOn Sale
    $24.90 USD $79.90 USD
    Heart Locket Necklace Set Heart Locket Necklace SetOn Sale
    From $36.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Handmade Wire Wrapped Necklace II Handmade Wire Wrapped Necklace IIOn Sale
    $39.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Sterling Silver Cross Necklace Sterling Silver Cross NecklaceOn Sale
    $39.90 USD $54.90 USD
    Turquoise Sunburst Necklace Turquoise Sunburst NecklaceOn Sale
    $39.90 USD $49.90 USD
    Red Jasper Heart Necklace Red Jasper Heart NecklaceOn Sale
    $39.90 USD $79.90 USD