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When it comes to jewelry pieces, they have to fit well and be tailored to the individual’s size. This not only ensures that the jewelry pieces look good, but also accentuates your features so that you can look your very best at all times. Here at Gogo Lush, all our jewelry pieces are handmade to order, allowing you to adjust the jewelry to your desired size. However, one of the biggest concerns faced by many people is to properly measure their sizes. Therefore, we have provided a jewelry size guide that lists down the right ways to measure your size.

How to Measure Ring Size

Measuring ring size is by far one of the most important as if the ring is too small, it will not be able to fit. If the ring is too large, it will slide off the finger, which means that the ring can be easily lost. Contrary to popular belief, measuring your finger is not a difficult task. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a string or a flexible piece of paper and surround it around your finger. You can use floss or sewing threads as the string. Simply make sure to not pull the string too tightly as it can stretch.
  • Mark a point where the ends meet each other.
  • Place the string along a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length.
  • Once you have determined the length, compare it to the ring size chart. The smallest ring size tends to be Size 3 at 14mm, while the largest is a Size 13.5 at 22.6mm. The standard ring size chart can be easily found online.

How to Measure Necklace Size

Unlike rings, the length of necklaces can differ based on an individual’s preferences. Some people prefer wearing necklaces that are shorter in length to be a collar necklace, while there are people who would prefer to wear them longer in length. Regardless of what look you’re going for, this is how you can measure the desired necklace length you want.

  • If you already have a necklace that you like, simply take it and lay it flat along a ruler and measuring tape to determine the length.
  • If not, you can drape a piece of string or flexible piece of paper around the neck and pull it till the ends meet each other. Adjust it to the length you desire and hold it at the point with your fingers before cutting the string.
  • Do remember that different lengths of necklaces suit different types of tops and clothing pieces. For example, if you want to show the necklace while wearing a turtleneck or other high-collared shirts, the necklace should have a longer chain in order to overlap the neckline.

How to Measure Bracelet Size

Just like the ring and necklace, it’s pretty similar to measuring the right size for your bracelets. However, we recommend not getting a size too tight or too fitted on your wrist in order to prevent them from being too snug. Bracelets should be slightly loose to have a little movement, but not too loose that they’ll slip from your wrists.

  • With bracelets, you can skip the string and take the measuring tape directly. Wrap the tape around your wrists and find out the length based on where the ends meet.
  • The standard wrist size for women ranges from seven to 7.5 inches.