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3 Popular Gemstones Used In Handmade Jewelry

3 Popular Gemstones Used In Handmade Jewelry

Every woman loves their jewelry. It is such a staple in every outfit because it is never fully complete without any bling. Your outfits would be enhanced with gorgeous gems! It is understandable that jewelry can sometimes be very expensive. However, there is always an option to make one yourself. Handmade jewelry can be fun to make and the best part is that you can fully customize it to your liking! You can choose the kind of chain you prefer as well as the type of gemstone in your handmade jewelry. When customizing or making your own jewelry, it can be hard to decide which gemstone would fit you and your style. Many people draw inspiration from trending jewelry seen on Tik Tok or Instagram which is a great option! Alternatively, here are some popular gemstones used in handmade jewelry that will really make your outfits pop!


Amethyst stone is a beautiful deep purple gemstone. At different angles, you may see a reddish-purple color and even a light purple tinge that fades into lilac. High quality amethyst are usually mined in Siberia and Sri Lanka. In Amethyst, there are traces of different minerals and iron. Due to its durability and their hardness, amethyst can be cut into different shapes and sizes, making them great gemstones on jewelry. Some believe that amethyst has healing properties like the ability to purify the body from toxins. Some believe that the gemstone clears the mind of the wearer and protects them from negative energy. The stones will look so pretty on necklaces and rings!


Emerald is a green gemstone that contains traces of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds were mined in places like Egypt, India and Austria. Emeralds are often a representation of royalty and prestige. Some believe that Emeralds have the power to protect against evil spirits. Emerald could help the wearer open their hearts up more to become more compassionate and loving. Some claim that it helps with memory and mental abilities. Emeralds are commonly cut into rectangular shapes which are also known as Emerald cuts. It will be a great gemstone choice for your handmade jewelry.


Rubies are often deep to medium red gemstones due to traces of chromium and iron. The red color intensity is based on the chromium and iron content in the gem, as such, rubies could look pink and orange. Rubies can be found in Thailand, Cambodia and Japan. Rubies are popular choices for engagement rings because of the striking bold red color that catches people’s attention quickly. Gifting ruby to your partner symbolizes your affection and love for your lover. The value of rubies are based on the tone of red and the clarity of the gemstone Clarity refers to the size, color and location of the imperfection or inclusions in the gemstone. Rubies are great options to put on your handmade jewelry to give it a beautiful pop of color.
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