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5 Reasons Handmade Jewelry Is Special

5 Reasons Handmade Jewelry Is Special

Handmade jewelry has been all of the rage lately! Handmade jewelry is very trendy and fun. Handmade jewelry reflects the personality and artistic abilities of the creator. Creators can create beautiful rings, necklaces and earrings that they feel are beautiful. It is true that not all jewelry we find in stores is suited for us. As such, it can be good to make some handmade jewelry. These handmade jewelry is actually a huge investment as compared to mass produced jewelry. It requires more time, effort and skills to be able to make handmade jewelry. There are so many reasons wet handmade jewelry is special! Here are some reasons why handmade jewelry is special!

Not Mass Produced

Handmade jewelry is not made by machinery but rather sculpted by the maker’s hands. The creator gets to mold and make jewelry that makes them happy as it expresses their personality and their artistic talents. Their jewelry pieces are soldered, carved and shaped without the use of manufacturing tools. It is true that machines are able to create hundreds and thousands of jewelry pieces in an hour but a single individual can only make a small amount using the same amount of time. As such, these homemade jewelry is very special and valuable.

Value of Time

As it is not produced by machines, handmade jewelry takes a lot of time and effort to make and perfect. Jewelers can take a few hours or even weeks to make a jewelry piece. As such, if you receive a handmade jewelry piece, you should really cherish it. It is not easy to make as the maker has spent a lot of time and effort to ensure each piece is made perfectly.

The Maker’s Process

The maker has a very special and intimate relationship with each of their pieces. The design of the jewelry is very intentional because the jewelry is the product of the maker’s imagination. It hold a lot of value to the maker. These homemade pieces hold the energy of its maker. If the maker is someone fun and funky, the pieces created will be fun and have funky colors.


The creators often use the high quality materials to make their pieces. It is difficult to regulate the kind of materials used in mass produced jewelry companies but in a small homemade business setting, the creators get to choose the kind of materials they want and ensure that the dirty metals are not melted together. Handmade jewelers often ensure that the materials they use are more sustainable and from highly reputable suppliers.


Homemade jewelry makers often ensure that the materials they use are ethically sourced and made from sustainable materials. It can be hard for small businesses to be more ethical because it is more costly to be environmentally friendly, however, they still make an effort to do so. With the smaller scale of production, creators can focus on the higher quality of goods. As such, we should continue to support small businesses as they try to become more sustainable.

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