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6 Reasons To Take Off Your Jewelry Before Sleeping

6 Reasons To Take Off Your Jewelry Before Sleeping

You might have a treasured piece of jewelry that holds special meaning so you don’t want to remove it. At times, you’re just too tired to remove your accessories after a hard day at work. You probably think it doesn’t matter whether you remove your jewelry before hitting the sack. These reasons might change your mind about taking off jewelry before sleeping.

Jewelry Can Cause Skin Irritation

Certain jewelry materials such as nickel can trigger allergic responses and leave your skin uncomfortable and red. And if you think gold and silver should be safe, you’re wrong. They usually contain other metals as well that can cause a reaction to sensitive skin. To reduce the risk of allergies, ensure your jewelry is made of 14k gold or higher. A higher karat means the gold is purer and less likely to cause skin irritations.

It’s Harder to Remove Your Ring in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, you may have realized that your hands and fingers seem somewhat bigger. That’s due to the buildup of fluids inside our tissues as we sleep. So if you go to bed wearing your ring, removing it in the morning will be much more difficult. You might have to use oil or soap or place your hand in ice water to minimize the swelling.

Jewelry Can Disrupt Your Sleep

If you tend to move a lot during your sleep, wearing a necklace to bed is dangerous. The chains might get entangled in your hair or twisted over your neck, causing sleep disruption. Also, charms or pendants attached to your necklace might poke you and wake you up. If you prefer to wear your jewelry to bed, choose styles that won’t affect your sleep, such as necklaces created with flexible and soft materials.

You Can Get Saggy Earlobes

Sleeping with ear studs can be uncomfortable, and huge and heavy earrings can extend or age your earlobes. As time passes, earlobes lose elasticity and if you don’t give them a break at night, they might become saggy. Your earrings can also become stinky if you wear them to bed. When your skin's sebum mixes with dead skin cells and germs, your earrings can smell bad. 

It’s a Breeding Ground for Bacteria

The last thing you want is to see your precious jewelry turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. If you don’t remove them and clean them frequently, your beautiful pieces will be covered with dirt and germs. Rings touch your skin directly and are potential moisture traps, providing an ideal habitat for bacteria to breed.

Your Jewelry Can Get Destroyed

You may be used to sleeping with your wedding band or engagement ring on but it’s better to take them off if you want to keep them in shape. You could accidentally hit your rings and crack them when you’re moving around in bed or the prongs can get attached to fabrics. Furthermore, sweat on your body comes into contact with your jewelry and causes it to lose luster.
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