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5 Signs That Tell Your Jewelry Needs To Be Repaired

5 Signs That Tell Your Jewelry Needs To Be Repaired

Imagine looking at your hand to see that your prongs are empty. You examine the area around you, combing every surface and looking into every corner but the missing diamond is no longer there. You blame yourself for not being careful and the only thing you can do now is to try and repair your jewelry. But damaged jewelry can be difficult to repair and there’s no guarantee it will look the same as before. Fortunately, this horrible scenario may be avoided with a little foresight if you can spot the signs that tell your jewelry needs to be repaired.

Clasps that Don’t Close Properly

Clasps that don't close firmly or need some fiddling to fit properly must not be overlooked. Your necklace or bracelet may seem alright, but even a tiny flaw in the clasps can cause your whole piece to break. Don't try to fix it on your own. You could end up making it worse as you don’t have the right tools. Find a jeweler who can replace the broken clasp with the same material used for your jewelry. 

Damaged Prongs

The center stone can vanish without a trace. However, the condition of your prongs is a good indicator of whether your ring is likely to break. If you find that one of your prongs is a little shorter than the rest, or that its circular top has narrowed, the safety of your center stone may be jeopardized. Also, if you spot any visible damage like a bent or missing prong that can’t properly support the stone, bring your ring to your jeweler immediately. Avoid trying to bend the prong back into your position as you don’t have the right tools.

Besides the prongs, you should also pay attention to the position of the stone. If you realize it has rotated or has shifted, it means your prongs cannot support it securely. As the center stone is the most precious and fragile part of your ring, find a jewelry repair service as soon as you can when you spot any of these warning signs.

Stretched Strands

Pearl necklaces and bracelets are especially prone to stretching. If you notice your pearls are hanging lower than usual, bring them to a jeweler for re-stringing. You don’t want to have your favorite necklace come off suddenly when you’re in the middle of a busy street.

Damaged Earring Posts

Bent or broken earring posts make your earring backs less secured. They can fall off without you even realizing it. The next thing you know, you’re left with one earring hanging on your ear. To prevent this scenario from happening, have a jeweler look at it to see what can be done.


Daily wear and tear can result in scratches to the surface of your jewelry. Annual maintenance appointments with your jeweler can keep your favorite pieces appearing new and shiny. But if you notice large, deep scratches, you should bring them to your jeweler to have a look the soonest you can to prevent further damage.
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