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Tips For Choosing Necklaces According to Necklines

Tips For Choosing Necklaces According to Necklines

Choosing the perfect jewelry for your outfit can be tricky, especially when you’re considering the neckline of your shirt. You need to make sure that you are choosing necklaces according to the outfit’s neckline so that the piece compliments your outfit. We put together several tips to help you keep your jewelry and your entire outfit looking great no matter what you wear.

High Crewnecks or Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are tricky when it comes to pairing them with jewelry. While they can be super cute and high-fashion, it can also be tough to know what kind of necklace you can wear with a turtleneck. You don’t want to overwhelm the look but you also want your jewelry to make a statement. Try pairing a turtleneck with a small pendant on a chain or with opera-length necklaces. To add even more flair to the ensemble, finish off the look with a pair of super cute earrings!

One-Shoulder or Halter Necks

Halter necks and one-shoulder tops go best without any necklace but if you’re firm on wearing one, we suggest something that’s closer to the neck, like a choker style necklace.


V-neck tops are the easiest to accessorize. Pair them with a long necklace or any other chain that mimics the shape of the V-neck top to further elongate the neckline. A simple chain that comes with a locket also perfectly complements V-neck tops.

Scoop Necks

Scoop neck tops and long necklaces will let you make a bold statement. Make sure that the length of the long necklace does not hit below your bust line. Currently, silver long necklaces and necklaces with gemstones are trending. There are also pearl long necklaces that have beautiful dangling tassels for a touch of sophistication.


Strapless tops are best paired with choker necklaces, as this style will highlight your neck as well as your shoulders. Looking for something sparkly? How about a diamond tennis choker? . The great thing about strapless tops, however, is that you really can’t go wrong with the necklace you choose. If you’re going for a longer necklace, we suggest something with a gemstone to further amplify your entire look.

Square Necks

The best type of necklace to pair with a square neck top is one with angular pendants. The angular shape of the necklace will go with the square neckline of your top perfectly. Select shorter necklaces, as they fall nicely on the collar bone and will let both your jewelry and your outfit’s neckline to stand out.


Off-shoulder tops are a little different than other necklines. You do not want to over-accessorize to avoid overcrowding your neck area. Off-shoulder tops are meant to let you flaunt your neck area so pair them with simple yet stunning necklaces. Asymmetric necklaces are the best option for off-shoulder tops or you can keep things fun with a stone-studded necklace for parties. Midi or maxi off-shoulder dresses also go well with longer chains or necklaces with pendants.

Boat Necks

Long beaded, multi-strand necklaces complement boat neck tops really well. These jewelry pieces will give your outfit the necessary glamor and grace it needs for an evening out or a special event.

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