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6 Symbols Of Love For Your Personalized Jewelry

6 Symbols Of Love For Your Personalized Jewelry

To feel love erupts in us unfathomable emotion, it's often hard to put into words just how someone can make us feel. And sometimes gestures aren’t enough. Love makes you want to shout it from the rooftops. Or wear it on a necklace around your neck, or a bracelet, or ring. But how do we make it personal, how do we choose a symbol of love for personalized jewelry? With a myriad of symbols to choose from and different meanings to each, we go through some of them and hopefully bring you a step closer to choosing the perfect symbol that represents your love.


The shape of a heart is the most recognizable symbol of love. As the center of the physical and spiritual being, the heart has been used to represent our emotions as it holds compassion and understanding. It not only gives life, but it gives love, and when all other words fail, nothing says I love you quite like a heart does.


Almost as famous as the heart, the infinity symbol which has its roots in mathematics found its way into the hearts of many when it started to be epitomized as eternity. To find someone to devote your life to is a beautiful thing. Nothing says it better than an infinity symbol to tell your person that no matter what, through it all, you will be there for them forever. And ever.


The Roman god Cupid, son of Mars and Venus, has long been a symbol of love. Often seen as a precocious cherub angel that shoots his love arrows at people causing them to fall in love. Cast under the magic spell of a god, love’s tenderness as represented in the style of a cherub is a beautiful way of telling the person you love that your love feels heavenly. A pair of wings or an arrow are subtler ways of getting your message across.

Love Knot

Of Celtic origin, the love knot is an endless loop that represents the unceasing joy of love. It symbolizes the binding and intertwining of two souls that now shall never part after having found each other. There is no better way of showing someone how you never want to be apart from them.Kaitlyn Martinez

Maple Leaves

Maple leaves have their roots in East Asian culture, particularly in Japan and China where gorgeous red and orange maple trees are abundant come fall. Through woodblock art in Japan, the maple leaf garnered much popularity and soon was associated with lovers as its tree bore sweet sap. It was a way of symbolizing the sweetness of love and through the turning of the seasons how a love so sweet will always remain.


Like Aphrodite the goddess of love was born of the sea, so was the notion of seashells as symbols of love. Boticelli depicts her standing in the center of a shell to represent her purity and perfection akin to that of a pearl. Seashells epitomize the protectiveness we have for our loved ones and in doing so, within us grows a pearl of our love.

With a myriad of ways to show your love for someone, gifting them with personalized jewelry can show them how much you love and care for them. Whether it's a love knot or a simple seashell to represent your love, sometimes symbols speak louder than words.
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