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6 Types Of Earrings You Need To Know About

6 Types Of Earrings You Need To Know About

Earrings are probably the most versatile form of jewelry out there. They work well on anyone and everyone and most people nowadays have their ears pierced. But with so many varying designs, styles, and shapes, it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out what looks best on you. Below are some of the types of earrings and how to style them.


Studs are the denim jeans of the jewelry world. They never go out of style and were probably your first pair of earrings as well. They are usually small dainty gems, but you can also find fun and interesting styles from costume jewelers. You can never go wrong when styling studs, they go with almost every outfit and can transition effortlessly from day to night wear.


If studs are the denim jeans, then hoops are the LBD of the jewelry world. Hoops are as understated and as casual as studs and can be worn with everything, but they are a little more fun. Whether they are silver hoops, gold hoops, or have gems going around them, a hoop is a style of earring that you can play around with and can turn any casual look into something classy. Smaller and medium hoops give a simpler and more sophisticated look. While larger hoops are perfect for a night out. Hoops also aren’t just aren't your usual circular shape and come in various designs like squares, ovals, hearts, and more!


Huggies are probably the most comfortable earring to wear. Just like a hoop but much smaller and it, as the name suggests, hugs your ears. It’s a great alternative to the hoop if you are afraid of hoops getting caught onto something. It’s also a style that almost anyone can pull off. Even kids as it is easy for them to wear without getting in their way. It also is a great earring to wear if you plan on leaving it in all the time as it is comfortable to sleep in.


Danglers fall a little longer down the neck and have some great movement in them. Their length allows for a more intricate design. Most are usually little gems strung together but there are fun options too if you are looking for some! Danglers are great evening or event wear and can take a sophisticated outfit to the next level.


These earrings have a stud on the front of the lobe and the backing used to clasp the earring in usually has a design that hugs the lobe. Jacket earrings have popped up in fashion trends in recent years and are a fun and modern twist to the classic stud and hoop. Jacket earrings can be dressed up for classier events depending on the style and color. Or it can be a great option to add a little pizzazz to your outfit.

Clip-Ons or Faux Earrings

Earrings are a beautiful accessory that can change a look and it is not only for those who have piercings. There are now a ton of great options for those who do not or cannot get their ears pierced to join in on the fun! Almost all the options mentioned above have a clip-on or faux option. Don’t let not having a piercing stop you from accessorizing to the nines!

With so many options to choose from you will never go bored accessorizing your outfits. Earrings are the first things people see when looking at you and as such can be a great way to let your personality shine through.

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