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A Guide To Organizing Your Jewelry

A Guide To Organizing Your Jewelry

If you are someone who loves jewelry and enjoys adding more to your collection, organizing them in a visible and neat way is something you should consider. With many pieces of jewelry, it is common for us to get annoyed that they are scattered everywhere and tangled with one another. This is why organizing your jewelry is important as it ensures that you know where they are and how to keep them tucked away after use.

Designate a Jewelry Dresser

Find and assign one closet or drawer that is just for jewelry storage. For easy access, shallow drawers are usually ideal. You can opt to use a jewelry organizer that has multiple-sized compartments to divide the earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories into their own slots. To increase your storage, place a second jewelry tray on the first one if there is room.

Reuse Vintage Finds

Utilize items from flea markets to display and store jewelry in unique ways. For example, a vintage frame with a mesh screen attached is useful for dangly earrings. To hang long unique bracelets or necklaces, include little S-hooks. An ideal place to keep your rings or bracelets is on an antique dish, such as a tray, bowl, or teacup.

Make Everyday Accessorizing Easy

To make it simple to find your favorite accessories, arrange your everyday accessories in plain sight close to your getting-ready area. By hanging necklaces on a vanity mirror, hooks, and knobs that are fixed on the wall can prevent your necklaces from tangling. Smaller things should be placed in decorative trays, platters, or bowls that are large enough to prevent mixing. Just in case you forget to put away your jewelry, keep a little tray or container on your nightstand.

Keep Your Jewelry Collection Visible

Assemble each jewelry in its location to prevent components from being lost, tangled, broken, or accidentally thrown. Use specialized jewelry carriers that are visible to display bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories. You can perform a visual inventory when you can see your possessions, and this will let you know if anything has gone missing.

Store Necklaces on Hooks

When you hang your necklaces, it can help prevent them to tangle around each other. By hanging them on hooks, you may wear them more frequently if you put them in a visible location. To do so, directly attach some decorative hooks to the wall to showcase your necklaces.

Organize Jewelry into Compartments

When you organize your jewelry into compartments, it is easier to know where each accessory is. You can use a painter's palette to organize your jewelry in a fun way. Furnish the palette with a smaller bowl, cup, or footed dish, to hold your jewelry and brushes.

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