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7 Handmade Rings That Will Accentuate Your Style

7 Handmade Rings That Will Accentuate Your Style

With many options of jewelry and accessories to choose from, getting the right one that fits and accentuate your style is challenging. If you enjoy the minimalistic style, here are seven minimalist handmade rings that are sure to leave everyone around you speechless!

Croissant Ring

If you are aware of the current clean girl make-up look, you definitely need a croissant ring to complete it! The twisted-shape ring will satisfy your chunky accessory obsession while managing to combine a sleek, Grecian beauty. For balance, stack this with thin, undetectable rings. You can wear it on your ring or index finger since the open-back design is flexible.

Classic Gold Band

You can never go wrong when wearing a brushed gold band. Its minimalistic look that offers no decorations or carving makes it ideal for stacking with other jewelry. It will complement almost any design.

Pearl Detailed Ring

There is never a bad time to wear pearls. Freshwater pearls have a clear and radiant appearance that is unmatched by stones or metals. If you are not a big admirer of diamonds, choose to spend your money on a delicate and lightweight pearl ring.

Ring with Baguette Gem

If you enjoy wearing minimalistic jewelry, a baguette cut gem ring will make you fall in love. These types of rings are ideal for individuals looking to add a delicate pop of color to their jewelry collection without losing their minimalist style.

Knot Ring

Another common and popular style would be the knot ring. Knot rings give an overall image that is filled with more texture and shape when stacked with regular rings that are smooth. The knot rings also have a deeper meaning and are a significant symbol of love, promises, and friendships. You can get our Golden Knot Ring to start styling!

Square Ring

If you want to stand out from the rest, get a square ring to avoid the typical circular ring form. A square ring still has a minimalistic look but it has a lot of personalities. Additionally, because its base is still rounded to suit a finger, you would not have to worry about whether it will be comfortable to wear.

Overlap Rings

Another capable contender for stacking rings is overlap rings. The overlap ring features a flexible open back for adjusting and a sleek, contemporary, symmetrical style. Though the shape is intriguing enough to be worn alone, you can opt to wear this with slim rings or accessories with similarly curved forms if you want a sprinkle of sparkle. Our Golden Diamond Snake Ring might just be your favorite overlap ring!

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