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Tips For Traveling With Jewelry Safely

Tips For Traveling With Jewelry Safely

Planning a trip? Keeping your jewelry safe during your journey might not be the first thing on your mind but you should take some precautions. Whether you intend to bring along valuable jewelry or inexpensive ones, here are some useful tips for traveling with jewelry safely. They can help you prevent losing your favorite pieces.

Document Your Inventory

Make a visual inventory of the jewelry you’re bringing with your phone’s camera. In the event you need to make a report on missing jewelry, the photos are proof of ownership that you can use to back up your case.

Use a Safe

Think your belongings are safe as long as you keep them inside your hotel room? Not exactly. You shouldn’t leave your jewelry or any other valuables lying around your hotel room or inside your luggage. If you have an expensive piece that you aren’t wearing, check with the hotel if there is a safe to store your jewelry.

Conceal Your Jewelry

You don’t always need to flaunt your expensive necklace. Especially if you’re going to unfamiliar areas or places where crime rates are high, it’s wise to conceal your jewelry. If you post updates about your trip on social media frequently, don’t draw further attention by sharing photos of the luxury jewelry you’ve brought along. You never know who’s prying on you.

Insure Your Jewelry

Get insurance for your expensive jewelry before you set off for your trip. Make sure the insurance covers worldwide travel and jewelry loss. Go through the terms and see if you can claim the full value of your jewelry if it gets lost. 

Use a Substitute

Your engagement ring or wedding band holds special meaning to you and you probably keep it on at all times. Depending on where you’re going and the activities you’ll be doing, you might want to keep them at home and use a substitute instead. Consider wearing a fake one when you’re traveling or doing strenuous activities.

Protect Your Jewelry Well

When bringing jewelry for travel, you want to prevent damage, loss, and unnecessary attention. Get jewelry rolls, pouches, and travel cases to protect your precious pieces. These are easily available on the Internet or in accessories stores. If you travel very often, invest in a jewelry organizer that contains different compartments to store your items in a safe and organized manner.

Keep Them with You

When boarding a flight, don’t keep your jewelry in checked baggage as they have a higher chance of getting lost. Wear them or put them in your carry-on bag. During your hotel check-in, carry the bag which contains your jewelry personally instead of giving it to the hotel staff. If you’re renting a car, take note not to leave them inside your car unattended.

Don’t Bring Everything

You want to travel in style and match your outfit with different jewelry but you probably don’t need that expensive diamond ring. Decide on what you need for this trip. If you’re going to explore the wilderness most of the time, you might not even need to bring any jewelry. You can travel worry-free knowing that your precious ring is safe at home.
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