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How To Tell The Difference Between Handmade And Machine Made Jewelry

How To Tell The Difference Between Handmade And Machine-Made Jewelry

In today’s world, most jewelry is manufactured by machines to increase the rate of production. However, handmade jewelry continues to thrive in the industry. When you’re shopping for jewelry, this question might pop up in your mind - how can you differentiate between handmade and machine-made jewelry? We’ve prepared this guide to help you better recognize the differences between the two.

Study How the Piece Is Constructed

Handmade jewelry is usually not the same as other pieces of the same series or design. You can hardly find two pieces of handmade jewelry that look exactly the same. Look out for minor variations by closely examining the prongs, ear wires, and other components. In addition, certain styles and details can only be accomplished by hand, such as wire-wrapped jewelry.

Machine-made pieces, however, look identical. With the help of technology, jewelry manufacturers can easily create many pieces of the same design at a faster rate to keep costs low. Although they are made with precision, there is often a lack of uniqueness in these products.

Quality Over Quantity

Usually, the quality of mass-produced jewelry is compromised when manufacturers speed up the production process. They are designed to meet mass appeal rather than for the individual. In many cases, there is a lack of ‘personal touch’ in machine-made pieces.

Handmade jewelry takes place on a smaller scale, hence it’s easier to control the process and ensure quality. Each piece is skillfully crafted without the use of machinery and chances are they aren’t widely available in the market.

Another way is to spot the artisan’s name related to the piece. This symbolizes quality and reputation as artisans wouldn’t want to leave their names on a poorly made product. A diligent observer can always recognize the craftsmanship and uniqueness of a handmade piece of jewelry.

Handmade Jewelry Has More Personality

Artisans have the advantage when it comes to customization. Machines that mass produce jewelry are programmed with a specific design that is subsequently replicated. There isn’t the time or freedom for creative experiments. You’ll find more than one person owning the same piece of jewelry.

Handmade jewelry, however, is one of a kind. Because handmade jewelers don’t need to conform to mass appeal or trendy designs, they have more freedom to explore their style. The artisans’ distinct style is noticeable and that’s something machines cannot mimic. Also, they have more time to experiment with new techniques for creating jewelry and can work with customers to add in specific requests like engraving. You’re less likely to see someone wearing the same earring or bracelet as you at a party or wedding.

Furthermore, handmade jewelry doesn't rely on a brand name. The artisans’ unique craftsmanship and individuality establish a name for themselves. They genuinely enjoy their craft and constantly look for ways to stand out.

There are many reasons why you’d prefer handmade jewelry over machine-made jewelry, or the other way round. While you try to decide, remember to listen to your heart. Go for the piece that touches you the most!

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