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A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Handmade Jewelry

A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is one-of-a-kind as most of the pieces in its collection are unique in terms of color, length, and design. If you have already lined up your favorite handmade jewelry pieces and are waiting for the right occasion to wear them, make sure you maintain them in an optimal condition. Here is a guide on the proper way of taking care of handmade jewelry to let you enjoy lasting shine and durability.

Jewelry Storage

When storing your jewelry pieces, make sure that they do not get entangled with one another. Hang up your necklaces using a jewelry box or a special organizer. You can also make use of hooks for a simple jewelry storage setup. For earrings, you can also hang them up or make use of an earring stand to prevent them from being scratched, ruined, or tangled. Rings should always be stored in a jewelry box or drawer instead of a basket or bowl. They might scratch or even get entangled. For silver jewelry, keep them sealed when not worn. You can use a simple Ziploc bag to keep the air out to prevent tarnishing. Air and moisture can implicate the quality of your silver pieces which will remove their luster.

Jewelry Cleaning

When cleaning your jewelry pieces, only make use of a cleaner that is suitable. Gold, silver, and gemstones all have different cleaners that are meant for their specific properties. Metal cleaners and gemstone cleaners are comprised of different ingredients so be sure to get hold of the right products for your different jewelry pieces. Do not make use of an ultrasonic cleaner or steam or boil your handmade jewelry. Only use a damp, soft cloth for cleaning and polishing. If unsure, always research the right cleaning products and techniques to prevent any harsh or abrasive cleaning that can cause damage and weaken your jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Protection

Before your jewelry gets dirty or damaged, it is the best time to maintain it this way so you can enjoy its lasting shine and durability for an extended period of time. Do not wear your handmade jewelry when you are out swimming, sunbathing, or exercising. The chlorine in swimming pools and the saltwater content of the ocean can damage your jewelry pieces. Sweat can also tarnish your jewelry which may be difficult to remove. Handmade jewelry pieces may also be damaged by harsh chemicals. If you intend to put on makeup or perfume, always put them on before you wear your jewelry pieces. For individuals who need to do any heavy lifting, it is advisable to remove your handmade jewelry before doing any work. Handmade wire rings may get bent or even broken so you do not want to wear them while at work.

Taking Care of Handmade Jewelry

It is pretty simple to take care of your handmade jewelry as long as you follow these basic guidelines. Maintaining your pieces in an optimal condition will let you enjoy more value in your purchase and continue wearing your jewelry for as long as you need it.
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