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Here’s How These Celebrities Style A Jewelry Name Necklace

Here’s How These Celebrities Style A Jewelry Name Necklace

Fashion enthusiasts generally adhere to one general rule when shopping for jewelry: Minimalist pieces are more likely to last, whereas maximalist styles are more likely to go out of trend quickly. There is one notable exception: necklaces with nameplates.

The bespoke style has spread to nearly every facet of the fashion industry, from music videos to runways to television shows, and has been popular for more than 40 years. Jewelry name necklaces initially gained popularity among Black and Latinx youth in the early 1990s. Whether worn in the form of chain necklaces, hoop earrings, or rings, the nameplate jewelry represented pride and identity.

Now, it is back in the spotlight, thanks to the celebrities who regularly wear jewelry name necklaces with impeccable style. Scroll ahead to know how your favorite celebrity styles a jewelry name necklace.

Irina Shayk

A cursive name necklace has been worn by Irina Shayk numerous times. This was a common part of her street-style outfits in 2021, and it was not surprising she kept wearing it in 2022. The easy elegant piece of jewelry goes with everything she wears outside of work, including crop tops and leggings, and two-piece sets. You can even choose to style it with cozy sweaters, pretty summer dresses, and cardigans.

Vanessa Hudgens

Although Vanessa Hudgens's jewelry collection includes a wide range of colorful necklaces, from edgy to whimsical, she consistently prefers silver pieces. The actress’s favorite is the jewelry name necklace that she likes to wear over other delicate pendants. She also frequently wears pendants over T-shirts and cardigans that she wears to work out.


Since the beginning of her career, the beloved singer has worn lettered necklace designs around her neck. Her jewelry is simple and sports classic fonts. With "Mommy" written on her necklace, Beyoncé often combines her jewelry name necklace with other gold and silver jewelry.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is an extroverted fashion queen, among many other things. The triple-threat star is not one to shy away from rocking a gilded, bold look, and her jewelry styling is no exception. The specially crafted "JENNIFER" jewelry name necklace is striking. Lopez has styled her jewelry name necklace in numerous ways. From pairing it with a classy evening dress to dressing down in T-shirt and jeans.

Bella Hadid

A surprise you did not expect is that Hadid has a collection of affordable jewelry. The model is well-known for sporting nameplate necklaces and talismans. Her current favorites are the birth year necklace and name-carved jewelry. Bella Hadid is often seen dressing up a name necklace by pairing it with a chic little black dress and heels.

Kim Kardashian

In her time, Kardashian has worn some nameplate necklaces, a few with her name and others with Chi and North’s names. She often styles a coin pendant and an engraved gold bar necklace. At awards shows and ceremonies, Kardashian often dresses up her jewelry name necklace with a formal gown and matching accessories for a glamorous, red carpet-worthy look.

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