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A Men’s Guide To Selecting An Initial Necklace

A Men’s Guide To Selecting An Initial Necklace

When choosing an initial necklace, it is important to think about which metal would be most appealing to you. In addition to aesthetic appeal, the material of the necklace should be considered. Some necklaces contain metals that will tarnish and trigger allergic reactions and bad breakouts.

Men's necklaces can be made of either gold, silver, or copper, so it is important to choose one which would never irritate your skin and also reflects your style.

Read more to know more about selecting an initial necklace.

24K Gold Metal

Although gold is a very popular choice, solid gold can be quite pricey. Even though it could be a great investment, it might be unwise to spend too much on an initial necklace at that price point, especially if it is your first necklace. To save you some bucks, search for necklaces plated with 24k gold.

The necklace's base is sterling silver with a layer of 24k gold patch covering it. Silver usually has anti-tarnish properties and a thickness of 1 mm. It is hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant, making it suitable for people who are sensitive toward particular metal jewelry.

Sterling Silver

A wonderful metal for jewelry is sterling silver. They enrich your style because of their high quality and beautiful shine. Silver is also a very popular metal for men because it has a more muted color than gold, and thus, goes well with men's styles. Always search for a 925-sterling silver because it has more anti-tarnish features, and can therefore last longer.

Additionally, sterling silver does not irritate the skin because it is hypoallergenic. It is safe to wear and will not cause allergies or breakouts because it does not contain any nickel, a metal irritant causing tarnish.


Copper is a fascinating metal that can be used in jewelry. Copper, in contrast to gold and silver, which are excellent metals for neutral skin tones, suits warmer skin tones. Men love it because of its brownish-red color. It is a metal that is extremely pliable and durable, making it simple to shape into various designs.

This metal has anti-rust properties, but if it is not maintained properly, it will become green gradually. It should be noted that copper might stain because of the oxidizing metal as a response to perspiration. However, unlike silver stains, this one does not persist and can be easily removed with water and soap.

Right Necklace at a Right Price

When looking for initial necklaces, price should be a factor to consider. The particular number of characters that can be used and other special customizations, for example, have an impact on the price of a name necklace.

When setting a budget for the price and your name necklace’s style, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Number of letters would you like included?
  • What kind of metal have you planned to use to make your necklace?
  • Do you have any particular textures or finishes in mind for your pendant?
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