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Tips On How To Layer Your Handmade Jewelry

Tips On How To Layer Your Handmade Jewelry

There are different pieces of jewelry in your collection, however, you don’t have enough time to wear them all. If you are in this situation, the best option is layering. Layering allows you to wear your favorite handmade jewelry at the same time. This style has also become a trend among fashionistas and celebrities. The following layering ideas can help you combine your jewelry:

Layering Necklace

  • Lengths

Now you can combine your favorite necklaces irrespective of the length. To make them stand out, you can start with shorter and more delicate ones on top. While moving down, you can add the longer and heavier ones. For example, you can start with 16 inches, 18 inches, and then the longer ones between 20 to 24 inches.

  • Combine Weight

Some necklaces are weightier than others, but it does not stop you from wearing them. The goal is just to achieve a balance among the necklaces. If your necklace has a pendant, then the weightier ones will hang lower than the lighter ones. You can keep them one to two fingers apart.

However, if you are choosing chains without pendants ensure the thickness of weightier ones is distinguishable from the lighter ones.

  • Centerpiece

You don’t have to make all your necklaces stand out; you can have a centerpiece. Use your favorite statement necklace as the centerpiece and arrange others around it. Also, while doing this, determine whether you are matching metal types or mixing different ones. Or you might be using different gemstones or cut types.

Irrespective of your choice, you will make a beautiful layering with one necklace standing out.

Layering Earrings

  • Combine Different Finishes

Not all earrings have the same texture and finish. Designers distinguish earrings with different finishes. Some are polished, and hammered, while some have scalloped edges. You can pick earrings with different finishes and combine them.

  • Mixing Different Metals

One of the most common misconceptions about jewelry is that you either wear gold or silver and it is wrong to combine both. While there are no wrong ways to pair your earrings you can never make a mistake combining two different metals. Pairing gold and silver jewelry turns out to be a perfect combination.

Layering Rings

  • Leave a Finger Bare

While you can be tempted to wear rings on all your fingers, it can become too much. The tip is leaving one finger without a ring and stacking the other four fingers with your favorite rings. There is no rule dictating which finger you can leave bare; it is left for you to decide. It can be the pinky, thumb, or any other finger.

  • Statement Rings

This is the same as choosing a centerpiece while layering your necklace. You can begin with a statement ring on your ring finger. It can be your engagement ring or solitaire style, you decide, just ensure it is bold. The statement ring will be the centerpiece while you stack others around it. In addition, other rings should be understated so the combination does not look too heavy.

  • Explore Colors
You can also experiment with different colors, pairing gemstones and diamonds together is not a bad idea. If you are wearing an engagement ring, you can match it with a colorful gemstone piece.
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