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Here's How to Wrap Your Jewelry Gift in 3 Different Ways

Here's How to Wrap Your Jewelry Gift in 3 Different Ways

You've probably heard the saying, "It's the thought that counts." Well, when it comes to gift giving, I think that sentiment holds true. It doesn't matter what you give someone as long as it comes from your heart. But if there's one thing that definitely makes a gift stand out more than anything else on this list: wrapping paper! Yes, champagne and flowers are nice touches, but nothing compares to how fun it can be to wrap a present up in something creative (and reusable!). So, let's say you want to give jewelry as a do you wrap them? I mean, they're tiny objects that are easily lost or damaged in transit—not exactly conducive for traditional wrapping methods like tissue paper or boxes (though both of those can work too). And while some stores will offer special packaging services like gift bags or boxes by request (which is always nice), sometimes we just don't have time for all that extra fussing around before sending our gifts off into the world where anything could happen! Luckily there are three ways you can make sure your giftee gets his/her present safe and sound:

1. Place jewelry gifts in a unique box. Whether the box is big or small. Have fun with different shapes to put the gift in.

People would often put their jewelry gifts in unsuspecting boxes. For example, put a pair of earrings inside a huge box to fit a small dog. Many boxes can also include other gifts to add a surprise to the jewelry gift. The important note is to have fun with giving the jewelry while also knowing who the receiver is, so it won’t make the jewelry gift feel less than it should. Our Earring Mystery Bundle can be stacked with a bigger box to add mystery to the actual jewelry gift. 

2. Wrap your jewelry gift in tissue paper to hide in everyday things.

  • Wrap your jewelry gift in tissue paper to hide in everyday things.

Tissue paper is great for wrapping small gifts, but it also works well as a box itself! You can use regular tissue or decorative tissue paper to create an envelope for your piece of jewelry. To do this, simply fold over the top and bottom edges of the sheet, then fold along its lengthwise centerline until you have a rectangular shape with four flaps (two on each side). Glue or tape those flaps down so nothing falls out when you open up your little "box." Once everything is secure inside this makeshift container, wrap it up with some normal wrapping paper--or even just leave it as-is if you're feeling adventurous--and put another box around it! Your recipient will be surprised by all these layers when they open their present; plus, it'll give them something else fun to do after unwrapping everything else inside first! Our Cuban Link Chain Necklace can be gifted with an adorable stuffed animal wearing the necklace on it. 

3. Create a personalized jewelry box to put the jewelry present in

If you want to give the gift of jewelry, but don't want to spend a lot of money on wrapping paper and boxes, then this is the best option for you.

It's easy! All you have to do is buy a box that fits your gift perfectly and decorate it with ribbons and/or stickers (depending on what type of person they are). You can also write a message inside of the box so that when they open it up there will be something special waiting for them! If your jewelry gift is personalized to the person, have our Handmade Script Necklace be a part of your genuine gift to cherish those memories. 

Here are three different ways to wrap your gift so it looks beautiful when someone opens it!

Here are three different ways to wrap your gift so it looks beautiful when someone opens it!

  • Wrap your gift in something they would never expect. This could be a scarf, a piece of fabric, or even just an old newspaper! It's a great way to add some personality to your present and make it more memorable.
  • Wrap your jewelry in a unique box. You can find lots of different types online or at craft stores if you want something extra special for the occasion! The options are endless here - from boxes shaped like hearts or animals to ones made from wood or metal (and even glitter). If there's already one that matches perfectly with what you're giving away, then go ahead and use that one instead - but if not then why not try something new instead? This will definitely make people curious about what's inside too which hopefully means we'll get some excitement out of them as well :)

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new. We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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