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How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Necklace

How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Necklace?

The time to craft the piece may take weeks. The Maker's Process: The maker closely relates to every detail or design they create. The design process is key to understanding the value that is found in each piece.

How Long Does Custom Jewelry Take in General?

It is hard to provide a determined time for all custom jewelry pieces as these may vary! The design process can take 1 to 4 weeks, based on revisions, and 2-6 weeks for crafting the customized jewelry, based on details of the design or complications of sourcing the correct stones.

The first stage is the starting consultation with us, in which we look at your brief and review the process with you. Then, the design work starts.

We deliver any sketches as needed and craft a CAD image when required, which is next reviewed with you to check. 

Once revisions to the design get made, the crafting process starts. The metals or all stones needed must be sourced and cut to size as required, and then our skilled artisans will begin working to put the design into practice.

Factors that Impact the Duration of Making Custom Jewelry

  • Client’s Requirements

If I have been sent a detailed and unique brief with the client’s demands, the design process will be easier and faster; unless the design is not plausible, we must rework the idea. Still, the design process may take longer if we are working on a broad view, the design process may take longer. If we recycle old stones or jewelry, we must check on this viability and how we can apply the right pieces/pieces. 

I also ask the client about the feelings they might be looking to work on in the article so that we may seek and reflect on the part of their personality or ideas in the creation. This is my preferred part of the order as I feel close to my client in a unique way. 

  • Revisions and Changes

Like the creation, the time required for us to create a custom piece will vary with how many changes or revisions must be made. Some people have a firm idea of what they seek (and we may craft that for them), while others have more of an idea. I love all these, but if there are some less detailed briefs, it may take a little more time for the design to get made.

  • Materials

Another thing that may impact the time it takes to craft the custom jewelry piece is the required materials. It may be basic enough, and we may have to get the necessary gold, silver, or platinum. Some customers come to us with the old piece of jewelry they want to restyle. We initially checked the purity of the metal. If we may use this, we blend and reuse it for a fresh custom piece.

Some pieces need precious stones, such as diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. If the shapes and sizes required are easily accessed, then it is merely a matter of getting the best quality at the best price. However, some custom pieces need special sizes, cuts, or shapes of stones, which can take time to source. 

We have more requests from clients for us to rework stones they hold in a preloved set of jewelry. Once you have settled on your design or found the perfect diamond or colored gemstone, custom rings can begin. Custom jewelers will allow 4-5 weeks for completion.

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