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How To Make Your Ring Smaller Without Resizing It?

How To Make Your Ring Smaller Without Resizing It?

If you are wearing a ring that is too big for your finger, it may easily slide off without you even noticing it. If you are looking to make a ring smaller without resizing it, here are some simple steps that you can perform right at home or seek the assistance of a professional jeweler.

DIY and Jeweler Ring Sizers

  • Non-permanent plastic ring guards
  • Sizing beads
  • Spring inserts
  • Sizing bars or ring guards
  • Adjustable shanks

How Ring Resizing Works

If you have ever had a piece of apparel altered, you may have noticed that the tailor took out a portion of the fabric to make a smaller piece of clothing. The tailor may also add a panel to let out a garment. Resizing a ring is pretty much similar. A jeweler will cut a tiny portion of the band and solder the separate pieces together using heat. The band will then be polished to get rid of any oxidation.

How to Know if Your Ring Needs to Be Smaller

A ring that is too big will spin around the finger. It can be annoying, but most importantly, it can also slide off your finger and go missing. Here are several signs that you can look out for to know if your ring needs to be smaller:

  • You do not need much effort to remove your ring
  • Someone else can easily pull off the ring
  • Your ring often spins off your finger on its base

With a ring that fits properly, it will be easier to put on than to take off. It may spin easily around your finger but it needs to stay upright most of the time. A properly fitted ring also needs some effort to remove but without inflicting any form of discomfort when you are wearing it.

When Not to Resize Ring

When a ring is too big, most often than not, it needs to be resized. However, you simply cannot or should not resize it in some instances. For example, if you are still in the process of losing weight, wait until you have reached your fitness goal before resizing your ring. This can prevent you from having to resize it over and over again. Your ring may also feel too big during winter as our fingers shrink a little in the cold. Here are other circumstances when you might want to opt for traditional methods to resize a ring:

  • The ring is only too big at the base but will not fit over the knuckle if resized
  • The ring is made of a metal that cannot be resized
  • The ring may get damaged if resized
  • You are prone to swelling in your fingers
  • You intend to gift the ring to someone in the future

Does Resizing Make the Ring Weak?

The process depends on the type of metal that your ring is made of and the size that you intend to achieve. Making the ring bigger by half a size can stretch out the metal, thinning it out and thus weakening it to a certain extent. Soldering may also weaken the ring. Always seek the assistance of a jeweler for more information on the process.
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