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How To Style Earrings For Every Occasion

How To Style Earrings For Every Occasion

Though some people think earrings are a seemingly insignificant part of their overall ensemble, they hold great potential. They come in various sizes, ranging from delicate to small, bold, and large. This allows you to strike the perfect balance. These humble accessories have evolved into essential elements. Earrings can either make or break your overall look. Here are some tips on how to style earrings.

Mix Things Up

Fashion is ever evolving. What was once considered a fashion faux pas – mixing different metals and/or colors – is now encouraged. Embrace the opportunity to mix-and-match stylishly rather than adhering strictly to all silver or all gold jewelry. Experimenting tastefully with metals is an excellent way to enhance your earring style and make the most of your overall look.

Accessorize for the Occasion

It's easy to grab any pair of earrings and go about your day. But when it comes to styling, it's important to select earrings that suit the occasion.

  • Are you heading to work?
  • Opt for a simple pair of studs.
  • Planning a fancy date? Add some flair with dangling or chandelier earrings.

Ensure that your earrings always align with the occasion and create the desired effect.

Use Earrings to Play up Your Features

Anything that glimmers or sparkles, regardless of the metal, can make your features stand out and illuminate your face.

  • Diamond shaped and heart-shaped faces with wider cheekbones benefit from long earrings that emphasize the vertical line.
  • For longer shaped faces, compact earrings like studs or climbers draw the eye horizontally.
  • Highlight your eyes with centered, compact earrings, such as studs.
  • A dropping earring or chandelier style will flatter your cheekbones and jawline.

Don't Be Afraid to Layer

If you have an unconventional style and enjoy mixing things up, layering earrings can be an exciting way to express yourself. Try layering from largest to smallest for a symmetrical appearance. Don't hesitate to mix metals. If you have multiple piercings, experiment with combinations of earrings to create unique looks.

Complement Your Clothing

While some people, each and every day, stick to wearing the same simple studs until a special event arises, others think about their earrings like outfits. They change them daily. Both approaches are valid, but do you know what works best?

Pairing earrings that complement your clothing! Whether you opt for an everyday statement piece or specific earrings for a particular occasion, make sure your earrings harmonize with your outfit. This adds cohesion to your overall look. It helps keep you stylish and well put together.

Pick a Focal Point

If your earrings are bold and attention grabbing, consider skipping a necklace. On the other hand, if you choose to wear a necklace, make sure it doesn't overshadow your earrings. By determining a focal point and ensuring your other pieces don't detract from it, you're quickly approaching the distinction of being a self-taught fashionista with these helpful suggestions.

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