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How To Wear Multiple Rings on Your Fingers in Style

How To Wear Multiple Rings on Your Fingers in Style

Unlike what most people are led to believe, there is nothing wrong with wearing multiple rings on your finger. It is a modern fashion trend that is gradually gaining traction across the world. A lot of people consider wearing multiple rings to be overly flashy and chunky. However, that should not be the case if the pieces are styled properly. If you know how to wear multiple rings, you will surely stand out and be the center of attention. Our article aims to help you comprehend how to wear multiple rings stylishly.

Try Coordinating the Rings with Your Outfit 

Coordinating the color of the rings with your outfits is the easiest and most obvious way to wear multiple rings stunningly. Dainty pieces will match perfectly with statement outfits while statement pieces go well with multiple understated outfits.

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to put on multiple statement rings. Be it as it may, nothing should prevent you from keeping your rings flashy and eye-catching. You should only avoid picking overly flashy statement rings. Primarily, it is crucial to put on what your want. Remember, the accessories and outfits you choose to put on highlight your style and bring out your creativity.

Have a Blend of Thick and Thin Rings

The second method on how to wear multiple rings is to blend thick rings with thin ones. The best way to elegantly do this is to sandwich gemstone rings between a set of ring pieces. Nonetheless, you should be careful while doing this to avoid stacking them. To prevent such a scenario, you can consider putting on midi rings. The good thing about midi rings is that they fit seamlessly in the finger’s middle thus allowing you to wear multiple rings on the same finger without making it feel cramped. 

Match the Rings with Your Skin Tone

Choosing a metal that matches your skin tone is bound to make your rings pop and stand out. Styling multiple rings is just like styling your clothing so it is essential to find something that complements your skin tone.

Go for Stackable Rings

It is possible to put on your favorite rings daily and not just for certain occasions if that is your style. That is an achievable feat if you have stackable rings. Stackable rings feature small gemstone rings or simple bands with the capacity to seamlessly nestle onto each other.

Additionally, they come in different categories for an effortless look. There is no specific way to style stackable rings, however, the general rule of thumb is to style similar stackable rings together, with two or three staking rings shared between either hand.

Mix Up the Metals

Wearing rings made of similar metals may come out boring and predictable. To spice things up and make your style elegant, an option is to work with pieces crafted from different materials. Achieving this should not be difficult since all metals are complimentary. You can effortlessly match rose gold with platinum or yellow gold with white gold for a popping look.

Wear Multiple Rings on Your Fingers in Style

Styling multiple rings on your fingers cutely and fashionably should be a piece of cake now that we have highlighted how to wear rings on multiple fingers. You can choose to coordinate them with your outfit, match them with your skin tone, try stackable rings, or blend the metals.

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