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How To Wear Rings for Men: 4 Different Ways

How To Wear Rings for Men: 4 Different Ways

When you think about men's rings, the first image of wearers that come to your mind are rappers and mobsters. Surprisingly, these outstanding accessories have been around for a while. They date back to Tudor nobbles, Egyptian kings, and Viking warriors.

Rings for men can elevate your look and give it an eye-catching finish. Even so, not every ring you come across might complement your look or complete it stunningly. You need to wear it right and style it accordingly to make a statement and bring out your sense of creativity. Here is a detailed guide about how to wear rings for men.

Try to Match the Ring’s Metal and Your Skin Tone

One way to wear rings for men is by matching the metal on the ring with your skin tone. To spice things up, it would also be nice if the color of the ring matched the color of your bracelet or necklace. For instance, you could choose to keep everything in silver rather than mix silver with gold. In this manner, you will help to keep your style uncluttered and clean.

In the same way, picking a ring color that matches your skin is an indication that your choice is deliberate and non-distracting besides delivering a polished finish. Thus, in case you have a warm skin tone, go for a ring designed from brass, rose-gold, gold-tone steel, or gold. On the flip side, if you have a cool skin tone, it is prudent to go for a ring that is crafted from titanium, platinum, silver-tone steel, or silver.

Focus on Each Finger

Another practical way to style rings for men is to focus on every finger. Your ring choice for the pinky finger should be a piece that is both decorative and one that brings out a certain meaning. Of course, wedding rings are supposed to sit on the ring finger.

You should only consider getting a ring for the middle finger if the others are already occupied. Moving on, the index finger is the best ring location of all the fingers as it stands out and helps to make a statement. Finally, the thumb requires a big ring owing to its huge dimension.

Keep Everything Simple

It is wise to keep everything simple especially if you are just getting into the world of men's jewelry. You need to begin with baby steps, build your confidence, and advance to the next level. The last thing you want is to be turned into a laughing stock for going for an edgy style.

A good example of how that could happen is wearing multiple rings in a poorly coordinated manner. It is advisable to start with one or two pieces and then slowly develop your style from there. Your chosen ring pieces should preferably bear the same color and style. Similarly, you should wear the rings on both hands if you go for two rings. It helps to balance the weight and size of your rings in addition to enhancing your style too.

Choose Comfortable Rings

Comfortable rings inspire more confidence. These two elements go hand in hand when it comes to styling rings. It might be a little difficult to exude confidence when your fingers keep hurting because of overcrowded or tight rings.

There are several attributes to consider when choosing comfortable finger bling. That includes the kind of work you may be doing on that day. Apart from that, you need to think about the finger that you wish to wear the ring on to find a suitable sizing.

Time to Wear Rings for Men Correctly

Wearing rings for men should be easy now that you know how to style men’s rings. Other than matching the metal color to your skin tone, you need to focus on each finger other than keeping everything simple and choosing comfortable rings. Visit our shop today to find the perfect piece!
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