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Maintenance Tips For Your Name Necklaces

Maintenance Tips For Your Name Necklaces

Now that you finally got those name necklaces you have always desired. The most important part of securing the necklace is ensuring it does not wear out. You have to constantly give it special care to maintain the shine and finish of your necklace. The following are some maintenance tips to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing:

Proper Storage

Storing is essential in ensuring your necklaces maintain their original look. The best place to keep them is in a box, however, ensure it is not stored with other items that can damage them. The box should be lined with soft material or you can buy anti-tarnish strips to prevent oxidants that can dull the shine of your jewelry.

Another thing you should avoid is the unnecessary moving of the box. It must be kept safe in a place far from other people's reach.

Keep Away from Gym and Spa

Moisture generally has a damaging effect on your necklaces. So irrespective of the situation they must be kept away from water. Do not take your necklaces to places like the swimming pool, shower, spa, and gym. These places will increase your chance of damaging your jewelry. As the PH of your sweat and the chlorine in pools will discolor your necklaces.

Avoid Contact with Beauty Products

Another thing to keep away from your necklaces is chemical. These chemicals are mostly in beauty products like lotion, perfume, and sprays. Any item in your makeup box can damage your necklaces. Therefore ensure you have applied them before putting on your necklaces. Most especially your perfume and spray, apply them before using your jewelry.

Do Not Put Necklace First

As mentioned earlier, beauty products have damaging effects on your jewelry. So while getting dressed, ensure the last thing you put on is your necklace.

It does not matter whether the necklace is diamond, silver, or any other precious stone. Your clothing and hair products will negatively affect it. In as much as you are tempted to put on your necklaces first, ensure you resist to help preserve the beauty of your jewelry.

Regular Cleaning

Our daily activities expose us to various dirt. And that’s why you need to have a cleaning routine for your necklaces. Aside from the outside dirt, the oil from your skin is not good for your jewelry. While it is essentially clean these pieces, ensure it is done the right way.

There are different types of cleaners for each necklace type, do your due diligence to clean appropriately. If you are still confused about how to clean them, you can reach out to your artisan. They understand the material and know the best way to get them clean.

Minimize Exposure to Heat

Your necklaces are vulnerable to extremely hot temperatures. Be careful with how long you expose your jewelry to heat and light. Ensure the exposure is not long enough to cause bleaching or cracking.

House Chores

Keep your jewelry safe while doing house chores or in the kitchen. Or you risk their exposure to things that can damage them. It is easy to get them tangled when you are actively engaged at home. Additionally, the possibility of sweating in the kitchen is high and sweat is not good for your necklaces.
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