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Machine-Made Vs. Handmade Necklaces: Which Is Better

Machine-Made Vs. Handmade Necklaces: Which Is Better?

We all have our reasons for buying a piece of jewelry. Your reason for buying will determine the type of necklace you will go for. Do you want personalization or precision? Your answer will help you choose between machine-made and handmade necklaces. Below are several differences between both types of necklace.

Manufacturing Process

Handmade necklaces are not different from other artistic works. It is unique, distinct, and one-of-a-kind. There is a story attached to its making and it is distinguishable from what you can get in a market. Handmade necklaces are unique and there are no pieces that are the same.

On the other hand, machine-made necklaces are made by machines. The making process is different from how an artist will make a necklace. In the machine-made process, the materials are put into a machine that cuts and creates them. The pendant in these necklaces is also made by machines even though the quality is not always the same as the handmade jewelry.


Machine-made jewelry pieces are mass-produced therefore it is available at an affordable price. You can get beautiful necklaces in the store at a good price. However, keep in mind there are hundreds of people wearing the same necklace.

On the other hand, handcrafted necklaces are uniquely designed in a quirky or bold style. They are made to stand out, if your purpose is to make a great statement then these necklaces are a perfect fit. Being unique means that it would be more pricey than machine-made ones. However, it is higher quality and more durable.

Brand and Value

There are different brands manufacturing machine-made necklaces, and they will be in the market as part of their collections. So, if you are buying pieces like these, they will come with the emblem of a brand.

The price for such a necklace will be determined by the commitment to the quality, history, and reputation of such a brand. Most times, these necklaces seem to come at a higher price depending on the brand.

This is not different for artisans making handcrafted necklaces. They take pride in their work and each piece is a display of their skills. The finished product is often regarded as a masterpiece with a lot of history, background, and story attached to it. The value of these pieces is often determined by the time and effort spent on the making process.

Finishing Process

This is the final stage for necklaces, especially for pieces with pendants. Two things needed at this stage are perfection and precision. And each process has a way of ensuring these things. Handcrafted necklaces are made with hand tools and experience and expertise come into play here for an artisan. While machine-made necklaces are finished using machines.


In addition to the differences mentioned above, buying a handmade necklace means you are directly connected to the manufacturer. And he understands your reason for buying a necklace more than a clerk employed to sell machine-made necklaces. These staff members know nothing about the production process, they are only hired to sell the jewelry.

However, an artisan understands your need and will ensure the necklace aligns with them. Lastly, if you are buying to make an impression go for handcrafted jewelry. However, if you only need a beautiful piece to adorn your neck, machine-made is the best option.
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