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Best Materials To Choose When Buying Wire Name Necklaces

Best Materials To Choose When Buying Wire Name Necklaces

Wire name necklaces suit individuals who want an accessory that displays their names or a loved one’s. Today, a wide range of materials are used to make this type of jewelry, including fine silver, stainless steel, and more. You can easily find an option that’s comfortable and gentle on your skin.

Plated Wire

This wire type features a copper core and a plated coating. Using this wire, your necklace design will retain a look that’s similar to sterling silver and gold however at a lower cost. Although it is not as soft as sterling silver, you can still work with them.

Brass Wire

Featuring a rich golden color, this wire looks great in jewelry designs. Brass wire is a little harder to work on than some materials so getting a quality result might be harder. However, the finishing look is always worth the effort and time used in the design process.

Nickel Wire

This is also known as Nickel Silver or German Silver, although it doesn’t contain any silver. It is made from a combination of copper, nickel, and zinc. It is always more affordable than other wires, however, many people are allergic to nickel. This is why most brands indicate “nickel-free” on their jewelry product.

In addition, it is harder than copper and has equal toughness with bronze and brass wires.

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel jewelry is also a great alternative to silver wire. The material does not oxidize like other metal wires on the list. In addition, it is most suitable for men's necklaces. It is always hard for manufacturers to work on it, but the finishing is always great.

Sterling Silver Wire

Sterling silver wire contains 92.5% of pure silver. This explains the reason for the name, 925 Silver. The remaining percentage consists of other metals like copper and zinc. It is also a good material when you are buying your necklace.

Fine Silver Wire

The fine silver wire is completely made of silver. Therefore, it is a pure metal wire like copper wire. The material is easier to work with and it’s very malleable. It is very soft to work with and highly resistant to tarnishing.

Although there are different materials you can choose from, the silver name necklace is always a suitable option. The necklace is attractive, durable and has a beautiful appeal because of the silver. These necklaces are always unique and suitable for different occasions like birthdays, graduations, and holidays. It can also fit in for festivities like Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Day.

Filled Jewelry Wire

These materials are alternatives for solid metal wires. A silver-filled wire is a suitable replacement for sterling silver wire. Besides the silver-filled ones, there is gold-filled wire. The most common type of gold-filled wire is the 14 karats. Although, you can always look around for other grades.

Besides the materials mentioned earlier, there are other wire materials available for name necklaces. You can check jewelry websites like Gogo Lush for other types of material for your necklaces. for other types of material for your necklaces.

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