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Tips On Styling A Custom Necklace With Your Name

Tips On Styling A Custom Necklace With Your Name

Whether you’re heading to the club for a night of fun or dressing up for a beach party, personalized jewelry with your name can add some style to your look. We’ve prepared some styling tips on how you can flaunt your personality and make your outfit special using a custom necklace with your name.

Use Different Layers

Putting on different necklaces around your neck may seem troublesome but the result might surprise you. One interesting way to make your look more interesting is to layer two to five chain necklaces of different styles, textures, and lengths. Mix rope chains with wheat chains to accentuate your name necklace and match different metals to see which one suits your look best. If your custom name necklace is made of gold, try pairing it with gemstone pendants or a pendant necklace.

To get more inspiration, check out how celebrities and influencers style their look and come up with your own style. Make adjustments to suit your personality and you’ll be ready to hit the streets.

Accessorize With Other Jewelry

Complement your look with other jewelry to express your vibe. For an urban look, add a gold chain link bracelet or diamond stud earrings along with your custom name necklace. Make a bold statement with a chunky ring to bring out your style. For something a little more low-profile, you can try putting on simple silver rings, layered bracelets and hoop earrings. Feel free to mix and match with your accessory collection until you feel satisfied with your look.

Add Meaning With Birthstone Jewelry

Find out which gemstone represents your birth month and add a few pieces of this jewelry to your collection. If Amethyst is your birthstone, this exquisite Handmade Amethyst n' Icy Blue & Purple Sea Jasper Moving Ring may be the perfect piece. It can be matched to your necklace to create a unique look.

Match Your Clothes to Your Jewelry

Yes, do it the other way around! Most people choose their outfits before selecting the pieces of jewelry but doing things the other way around might just help you create a new look. If your name necklace is made of gold, pair it with a black top or darker colors. For necklaces in silver and white gold, muted colors are the best match.

Next, you should also pay attention to your shirt neckline. Choker-length name necklaces look best with medium necklines. Long necklaces are best suited with high-necked shirts and mid-length necklaces go well with u-neck or v-neck shirts.

Another tip: keep things balanced. You don’t want a loud pattern or huge graphic on a shirt to overpower your look. To draw attention to your necklace, simplicity is key. A plain top will help others to focus on your necklace instead of the clothes you are wearing!

Experiment With Different Styles

It may take some trial and error to create the look you want. Keep experimenting with different clothes and accessories in your wardrobe to see what fits best. Customized name necklaces never go out of style as long as you know how to style them!

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