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The Making Of Custom Necklaces With Names

The Making Of Custom Necklaces With Names

Ever wonder what goes into the making of gorgeous customized necklaces with names? Perhaps you’re visualizing designers hard at work with their tools, using their skilled hands to create the perfect masterpiece. But with technology being so advanced these days, the process of creating custom jewelry has evolved. We demystify the process for you in this blog

It Begins With The Concept

Whether you choose to get your necklace made at a jeweler or hire a designer you know, the person in charge of creating your special piece of jewelry will communicate with you to nail down your concept. Maybe you saw a fabulous necklace from a movie and want to own a similar piece but add in some of your touches. Or you want to recreate an heirloom that was passed down to you. During this stage, it’s good to gather any pictures you have or do a rough sketch so the designer can better visualize your idea. If you don’t know what exactly you want, it’s alright. The designer can point you in the right direction and give you some suggestions.

Once you have decided on the concept, the designer will advise you on whether it’s possible to turn your dream necklace into reality. Some tweaks might be required depending on what design or material you want so it could take a bit more time before you can see something you’re happy with.

The Virtual Render

Using advanced computer modeling software, the designer will show you a render of what your necklace looks like virtually. This gives you a better ability to see the actual piece before it is made. Of course, you can still make adjustments at this point to get the exact look that you want.

After you are satisfied with what you see, you will be quoted an estimation of the final price for your necklace. It’s best to talk it out early and inform your designer if you are working with a specific budget. They can still bring your necklace to life by using a material that fits your budget or advise you otherwise.

When you have both reached an agreement and payment is made, the designer will begin work on your necklace. Depending on the arrangement, you may be required to pay a deposit or the full price upfront.

Creating Your Necklace

Using high-precision 3D printing and milling technology, a wax model of your necklace will be created. This model will be checked for accuracy before the final product is cast and finished to make it ready for you to wear around your neck. This is the most exciting part as it’s the process where the design on paper gets transformed into an actual piece of jewelry.

Aside from 3D-printing technology, certain jewelers offer the option of handmade necklaces. If you prefer something more traditional and unique, then make sure you check with the maker before placing your order.

Collecting Your Necklace

Congratulations! Now that your necklace is completed, it’s time to show it off to everyone. If you have opted to collect it at the store, then the staff will contact you when it’s ready for collection. One good thing about this is that you get to check your necklace on the spot. If there happen to be any flaws or you realize it’s not what you have agreed on, you can inform them on the spot.

Another way is to get your necklace shipped to you. This saves you the trouble of making a trip down to the store and you can receive it on your doorstep. Just make sure that you check it properly when it arrives!

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