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    Nia Norman
    Gold dainty bracelet

    I love my two bracelets! One on them is bigger than the other but they both look great together with the size difference. I did notice specs of gold rubbed off but it’s so tiny that I have to look very closely to look and sometimes I forget that the little bit did rub off that’s how unnoticeable it is. I sometimes shower in them and I’ve washed dishes in them and they still look new. Great quality jewelry!!

    Brianna McCall
    Dainty Link Bracelet

    Perfect size just the right amount of dainty

    perfect for everyday wear

    i love this bracelet so much! i've been looking for a bracelet that's dainty and elegant that i can wear with anything and this one is perfect. it's about 2mm thick for reference. it's a bit thinner than i thought it'd be because of the picture but i still like it anyways :) i've also gotten it wet and it hasn't tarnished or turned my wrist green or anything! it does have an extender which dangles and it kind of annoyed me at first but i've gotten used to it now.

    Sanjula Gamalathge

    The Items that I got were so beautiful and I can tell they were made with care!!

    Jadah MArie

    Its perfect for every day wear!! I shower in it everyday and no problem. Will be ordering again

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